Royal British Legion: 42 Million Pounds in Wages???

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 26, 2019

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If you’ve followed this blog or maybe my social media over the past few months, you’ll likely be aware that I set up a GoFundMe Campaign to raise money for a World War 2 Veteran named Ted Owens. The campaign grew and raised way more than we’d planned which meant that many hundreds of Veterans in immediate need will now benefit because over £8000 was donated to the Veterans Charity.

We recorded a podcast episode all about this and giving background behind who the Veterans Charity are, how the money will help and also why the Veterans Charity in particular.

This past week I happened to see a post on Facebook that gave some details about The Royal British Legion; the biggest and most well known and established of all the UK charities set up with the purpose of supporting veterans etc…

The post made interesting reading. I can’t at this moment confirm these claims but this isn’t the first time I’ve heard similar. Pretty much all of the veterans I’m meeting and their families whilst working on my 1940 / World War 2 Project don’t seem to have a supportive word to say about the Royal British Legion, which for me coming into this Veteran World has been a huge surprise.

Recently I was speaking with a gentleman that used to donate on a regular basis to a Heart Disease Research and Support Charity here in the UK however no longer does having discovered that just 12% of donations actually goes to funding research, helping others etc; the vast majority being eaten up on wages, accommodation, admin etc. Sure these things need to exist for a charity to run but recently I’ve been surprised to hear from folks about other charities that seem to have rather large admin fees.

Anyway, here’s a link to the podcast episode and below is what I saw on Facebook shared by Veterans Voice. Please do take a listen to the podcast episode where I chatted with Danny Greeno of the Veterans Charity; the charity I’m so pleased we were able to help.

If you do have anything to add to this that supports or otherwise, I’d love to hear.


Royal British Legion

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