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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 15, 2017

Category: Podcast

Ok so if you tuned into last night’s YouTube LIVE you’ll have seen I had a few technical issues challenges where Wirecast (my live streaming software) kept dropping out. I’ve now fixed this and it would appear that it was happening because I had changed the resolution of my screen so that text was clearer and larger for viewers. Seems crazy that doing this would affect Wirecast’s stability but hey every cloud has a silver lining because from this I then started playing around with other settings and have upped the resolution that the stream broadcasts at; the result of which is a much clearer screen even at the normal resolution of my own monitor…if that makes sense. Anyway long and short of it is that it looks and works better now..phew!

All this aside, I did run another broadcast later in the evening when I went through some stuff (technical term) that I meant to mention earlier; one being about some specific podcasts I am now listening to:

The No Name Photo Show Podcast

It was my Buddy Dave Clayton that got me back into listening to Podcasts recently after a long break; heck I even thought they were yesterdays news but how wrong was I?!?!?!

So with all this said I want to recommend a couple of podcasts I am completely hooked on because they not only offer great content (news, discussion, gear talk) but they’re just so damn entertaining.

The No Name Photo Show

Hosted by a friend of mine Brian Matiash and Mike ‘Sharky’ James this show goes out every Tuesday. At the time of writing this post there are 17 episodes available so far and I’ve binge-listened to them all over the last couple of days. Great topics and great conversation around the world of Photography (plus a few Dad Jokes) and the mix of Brian and Sharky works like a charm! Highly recommended!

Check out the Podcast and all the places across the interweb that you can access and subscribe by visiting the show website HERE

The PetaPixel Photography Podcast

This podcast is HUGE and rightfully so! Hosted by Sharky James (geez I thought I was busy) this podcast goes out twice each week and is obviously connected / part of the even HUGE-er (is that such  a word?) PetaPixel Blog. News, Reviews from the world of Photography, Digital Imaging etc… Sharky does such a great job hosting you’ll love it!

Check out the Podcast and all the places across the interweb that you can access and subscribe by visiting the show website HERE


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