A day in the studio recording videos

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 31, 2013

Category: Videos

Hey Everyone,

I hope all is good with you.

Again, thanks for dropping by…I really appreciate it.

So now I’ve just one more day in Germany before heading home and today we’ve been in the studio recording a number of videos; most of which will be released in a couple of weeks or so.

One of the videos is kind of an overview of what went on during the workshop so it’s a great way to understand more of what the High5 entails, but also we made sure to include some tips and techniques so it’s not just for those who attended or were unable to attend this one. I’ll keep you posted as to when the video is made public.

Of course, once we’d finished of course then it was time to be introduced to the Playstation 3 and Call of Duty but the least said about my game play, the better 🙂

Last night I got to spend some time with friend Stefan Krauth as we both popped out for dinner at a very cool diner called Mandy’s where the actual eating area is actually inside an old train carriage.

The food was absolutely gorgeous but going by the portion sizes I don’t think you be seeing me on ‘Man v Food’ any time soon.

Definitely a place to visit though if ever you find yourself in Heidelberg, Germany as well as all the other areas of Heidelberg…such a great place!

HUGE thanks to Stefan for working so hard this past week during the High5 Workshop dealing with all the social media side of things; you did an AWESOME job my friend!

Right must dash…off out soon so I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,


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