ROSA (Cover Shoot) – THANK YOU

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 14, 2018

Category: Tutorial

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  1. Cyndi

    So pleased that you got such good feedback after all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the tutorial! I also want to say that your graciousness and humble attitude are deeply appreciated. Thank you!

    • Glyn

      Cyndi…thank you so much for your kind words; means a heck of a lot know that the tutorial is being well received and so glad I took my time putting it together.

      Thanks again

  2. ct

    Genuine Dude! and great content. Thanks for the solid knowledge without all the BS.

    • Glyn

      Thank you so much

  3. Janet Nelson

    That image is stunning! I have not seen the tutorial but can say I have appreciated your teaching style and content previously. You are a very engaging, energetic presenter. Your accent is a novelty to someone like myself in Canada so adds yet another dimension of entertainment. Your work is high quality and you have an earnest interest in helping everyone navigate Photoshop which isn’t intuitive in the least. It is always a pleasure. Keep them coming!

    Cheers, Janet

    • Glyn

      Janet, thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. VERY MUCH appreciated.
      Best wishes

  4. Gerald Oliver

    GLYN DEWIS Photographer Educator Author… you need to add another tag…INSPIRER

    • Glyn

      Thanks Gerald 🙂

  5. Su Hall

    Just wanted to let you know, my not purchasing has nothing to do with not wanting to purchase! LOL It just isn’t possible for me at this time. I don’t doubt it is excellent! Can’t wait until I can!
    Kudos and so pleased for you that this was so well-received!

  6. LINAS

    Great job, yours tutorial one the best! Big Thank’s

  7. Tom Woollard

    Spent the whole day absorbing all the fantastic lessons – Glyn, you’ve out-done yourself – every detail is covered. The hard work and pain-staking care you’ve obviously put into this tutorial is massively appreciated. I’m certainly no beginner to photography or photoshop yet still learned so many new things – and even the things I already knew, you’ve structured the lessons in such a way to really cement the knowledge and approach in mind. I’ve been waiting for a tutorial on this beautiful style for ages – man, you knocked it out of the park :))

  8. José Parcerisa Vilatarsana

    You are the best educator and a very good good person… Thanks for sharing your knowledge
    Your friend José.

  9. John lewis

    Hi Glyn I have watched and listened to you long enough, to know your a solid, hard working guy. I really admire that you have kept this at a price point, us ordinary folk can afford. I am only part way through but already know it is a really great resource to have to hand.
    I have no doubt you won’t stand still and can’t wait for what’s next. Forum sounds like a great idea, hope it goes well for you.

    All the best from Northern Ireland.


  10. Nelson Alvarez

    Love, Love , love these tutorials. Very professional job. I went through all the videos and can”t wait to give it a go. Thank you for making it very affordable. Like also Glyn you put out a quality product


  11. Gary

    Hi Glyn,
    Downloading now. Looking forward to this series. Your other tutorials have been fantastic and so is your book. Use your techniques everyday in my work as a Graphic Designer on movies. Speeds my workflow up tremendously. Thanks for everything and the great deal for a returning customer!

    Gary Barringr

  12. wj.van.duin

    Hi Glyn,

    Everything looks great and complete. Have not found the time yet to really dive into the tutorials. But I have come to know and very much like the style and insight of your tutorials.

    Watched one of the bonus-videos since I found that very informative at this time. The one I mean is the bonus video on the use and productions of LUT’s. Great and promising tool it is.

    I have one addition to make: the base layer really has to be a “locked” background-layer. It can and may not be of any other type.

    In addition I also have a question: can the adjustment-layers, to be included in a newly saved LUT-file, have blendmodes besides opacity/fill states and, even more important, can they have masks? This may sound useless but I can think of applications where this may be of interest. That way also masking (gradients, luminosity masks, vignettes) and blendif (for restricting certain tones from the adjustment) could be part of a new LUT. Even luminosity masks don’t have to be strictly related to a certain imagelayer but can be influenced by density and feathering for more general application within a LUT. If LUT’s allow this, so that is the question really.

    Another question: can groups be part of a LUT to be saved ?

  13. Kent Skjønnemann

    Glyn, you can be proud of your product, it’s great and you do it in a way that many do not do, you’re a regular man, where others look bigger than their product.
    I’m already looking forward to your next product 🙂

  14. kptidy


    I downloaded your tutorial this morning and I got nothing done today as I spent the entire day watching the videos! All I can say it’s awesome! I think you changed the way Photoshop and photography tutorials will be produced now, one subject in depth rather than the shotgun approach other’s use.


  15. Andy Dubreuil

    i’be watch a few of the ones setting up and it’s great the amount of detail you go through. Like others have said you’ve set the bar high and done an
    amazing job and really looking forward to the forum. I would have a well earned break if I was you.
    Thanks again Glyn.

  16. Robert Walker

    Well Glyn you have surpassed yourself, I have been following you and bought every tutorial and book that you have produced.You are easily the best educator in Britain(no doubt about that) and with the regard that Scott Kelby has for you maybe in the US as well.Your tutorials are entertaining and straight to the point,no waffling on and no loud music in the background.I once read a comment from a well regarded US photographer and he said “Dont buy gear,buy education and knowledge”.Well speaking as a 60 something you cant buy experience but in this case we haven’t bought it ,you have nearly given it away.For £20 we have been gifted all your experience and learning.You say at your live broadcasts “It’s time you cant get back” well I dont have the luxury of gaining as much experience as you have.Your tutorials have got better and the technical side of your product is superb, best gear ,best presentation.You give your experience and learning without keeping anything back for that i am eternally grateful.
    My very best wishes Rob Walker

  17. phil2

    Just about to start watching video 16 so not yet halfway and loving every minute, without doubt the best £19 I have spent in a long time.
    Its also the best on-line tutorial/course I have seen.

    The way everything is explained and put together is clear, concise and well articulated.
    Easy to follow steps with excellent notes and visuals
    Great style of teaching i.e. talking to as opposed to talking at.

    Bonus for me is that I am learning so much more about LR and PS, simple things such as extending the crop to alter composition. I shan’t embarrass myself by telling how I used to do it.

    The fact that its taken 8 months to put together and that you are willing to share your knowledge in this way is amazing your’e a top bloke Glyn and I look forward to your next tutorial in 8.5 months .. you deserve 2 weeks off.
    Regards Phil.

  18. Anthony Crothers

    This tutorial is outstanding! I love that there are transcriptions to accompany the videos and that each section is broken down into ‘bite size’ sessions.

    Glyn has mastered the art of teaching great lessons in an easy to understand, entertaining and inspirational style.

    To go from inception to completed image via inspiration, lighting set up, posing, capturing the image and post production is simply fantastic. It’s just like having your own personal tutor!

    The hard work and effort put into this stunning content is very much appreciated.
    Love it!

    Best regards,


  19. Russell Clark

    Glyn, I can not thank you enough. This tutorial is one I feel I am ever going to need.
    You have shared, without holding anything back. I have your books and I have watched your YouTube tutorials and the ROSA tutorial brings everything together, in one amazing tutorial.
    Your hard work and effective teaching, delivered with honesty and passion, has got me to where I am today with my images.
    Your heart is in exactly the right place bud. An inspiration to me and my partner, Karen, and Jess, our cat.
    We look forward to the learning jouney with you for many years to come.
    Thank you again, very much.

  20. tonyz20

    Thanks so much Glyn – You have given away so much material up to now and its nice to be able to say thanks properly! Can’t wait to dive into this one!


  21. Caroline Tudor

    Hello, Glyn –
    I had to shoot a headshot for a friend who is running for Judge of San Francisco Superior Court and used my photo while following along with the Rosa tutorial. I didn’t add the color filters but everything else was pretty much on point. I also added a spotlight as taught in your Editor tutorial. The photo turned out great. I am very happy with it. Probably my best portrait retouching I’ve done. Thank you so much. I am now scheduling more friends for photo sessions so I can build my portrait portfolio. I am very excited about where this is taking me. I have a question about the two softboxes you use in your tutorials, Rotalux 39″ Deep Octa and the 50″ Octa. What circumstances determine which one you use or are you using the deep octa more lately and, if so, why? It seems like your newer videos show more of the deep octa. Looking forward to hearing your answer.

  22. tsargent1

    Having watched the tutorial in its entirety, I must say it was amazing! Your teaching style is superb and easy to understand. I really appreciate the time you take to go over every detail.
    Glad you broke up the tutorial into easy-to-reference sections. This will make it so much easier to go back and take another look at the needed reviews.
    As others have said, thank you for making this affordable. I was certain that the lessons would be out of reach, but you came through with great teaching at a price that was easy to pay. Thanks Glyn!

    • Glyn

      Thanks so much; great to know you like the tutorial


    I got a lot out of this Glyn, thanks. Did you apply different re-touch techniques to Ian in PS?…..Particularly when it comes to skin textures, etc., between female and male models.

  24. Colin Drinkwater

    Just finished the last of the videos and now have 11 people lined up to shoot over the next few weeks to try out everything I’ve learnt. Can not wait.

  25. Barry

    I’ve watched the tutorial, taken notes, set up some actions to make life easier, and have completed two sessions with various models (wife and kids). I’ve applied the various steps in PS and love the results. Completely worth the money! I did alter the light slightly because I prefer to work with natural light from a large window in my living room rather than setting up my studio lights too often. Still the the outcome is brilliant. I can’t wait until you create a forum so that we can share results and get feedback from the wider group.

    Great job Glyn!

    • Glyn

      Hey Barry, thanks so much for commenting. Well pleased to hear you’re happy with the tutorial and the results you’re getting 🙂

      As for the forum, Erik my web chap is doing that this week so it’ll be up and running any day now. He’s updated this website today adding in such things as a currency converter in the store and also a LOG IN area for folks that have purchased stuff before so they can check their account and download items again if need be; he’s such a star!

      Cheers and thanks again,

      ps> If you feel the urge to add a review on the item in the store I’d really appreciate it too … hope you don’t mind me asking

  26. Jerry

    Hi Glyn, gone through almost the whole tutorial and am wondering 1 thing. How do you determine the distance of the light to the subject. So not the distance towards the camera but the distance of to the side?


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