Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 13, 2018

Well it’s taken me 8 months from first of all flying out to the Netherlands to film the Photography side of my new ROSA tutorial at my Buddy, Frank Doorhof’s studio and then afterwards to record all the retouching, write extra content and edit all the videos, to now be at this point when it’s FINALLY READY!

Genuinely excited about this new tutorial because I’ve never recorded anything where I go into so much detail. It’s been filmed to give the feel that you feel you are with me in the studio doing a 1-1 Photography and Lighting Day then followed by all the retouching.

Putting this new tutorial together his was really important to me because you may recall from an earlier video [LINK] I recorded where I explained I was no longer doing workshops because for me it didn’t feel right that no matter how hard I tried to ensure that everyone attending was roughly at the same level, there would always be someone at the end who didn’t get all they wanted from it because for them, that particular workshop was either too basic or too advanced.

A FULL LENGTH tutorial taking you through my entire process to create pictures like this one of ROSA and the ones below (using the exact same lighting style and retouching techniques) and where you can pause, listen again and ultimately digest at your own pace I think is the best way to go especially when it’s coupled with there also being a forum where folks can upload what they have done, ask questions, get a critique and so on.

ROSA - Cover Shoot

ROSA - Cover Shoot

Ultimately that’s what I would love to have been able to do at workshops but there simply wasn’t the time. The forum will mean I can see what some folks are doing and then if common challenges are appearing I can record a video specifically for that and also take suggestions for further videos to enhance the package and pass out.

So, later today my ROSA – Cover Shoot Tutorial is NOW AVAILABLE and in my Store and I cannot wait to see and hear what folks get from it!

Rosa Cover Shoot

Thanks to everyone that has helped put this together and to all the folks in my Email Group who sent over some fantastic ideas and suggestions for what to include; needless to say the way this has all turned out is very much down to your contribution!

Thank you

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    • Glyn


  1. Craig


    • Glyn

      Once it’s released there will be additional videos sent over a short period with extra stuff in that I didn’t want to overwhelm this tutorial with; some extra videos covering suggestions that folks asked about in the email group such as recreating it with an umbrella for folks who don’t have a softbox, hard light v soft light etc…

  2. Tony Davey

    What format will it be in to down load? Looking forward too.

  3. Ken Tidy

    Glyn, I can’t wait for your new tutorial! I have been using some of your technics on my dog portraits when I get them dialed in I will share them.

    One question I have does you checkout cart convert dollars to Sterling?

    Thanks Ken

  4. Kundan

    Bring it ON…awsm V-Day gift to 😛

  5. Jason Lacey

    We keep getting ‘teasers’… Looks great. When tho, when tho…
    Looking forward to it

  6. Gerald Oliver

    GLYN DEWIS Photographer Educator Author… you need to add another tag…INSPIRER

  7. Bill

    Outstanding! Especially liked the retouching section.

  8. David Moore

    Outstanding course Glyn. You’ve hit it out of the park. I was also amazed at the price. It’s at a fantastic deal. Best of luck!

  9. Russ

    Fantastic tutorial and extra’s, having purchased many online tutorials from the likes of Phlearn, Sue Bryce, Jen Rozenbaum etc, I can safely say this ranks up there with the best of them, if not the best, as I have actually watched this one from begining to end, and will do so again no doubt.

    Nice one Glynn,

  10. Garima Dixit

    Hello ! I am interested in ROSA tutorial but want to know first that which softbox i shud have to use this. I have one 135 cms octa.
    No plans to buy other softbox right now. Will i be able to achieve this look using 135 octa?
    I will surely buy if i know i have these gears that are uses in the tutorial.

    • Glyn

      Hi Garima
      Thanks for your email re the ROSA Tutorial. Just to let you know I use the 135cm Octa 99% of the time so yes absolutely it’s perfect for this kind of lighting.

      Hope this helps

  11. John Fisher

    Best money I’ve spent in a long, long time.

    Worth every penny!

    • Glyn

      Fantastic to hear…thanks so much John

  12. neil2

    Well, what can I say, I was absolutely blown away with this tutorial. we can all see the massive amount of time & effort you have put in to this Glyn. I don’t usually purchase tutorials but I just knew this was going to be good as from the quality stuff you put out on your Youtube vids & your website.
    I have now completed the tutorial & have even put it all into practice with my own shoot & processing, can’t wait for your forum to be up & running so I can upload it for your critique & anyone elses.

    So I would say to anyone who is thinking about purchasing the Rosa tutorial……..Do It!!

  13. franwalding

    Fabulous tutorial Definitely worth buying. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and time went into producing it and as always Glyn’s teaching style is extremely easy to follow.

  14. nurseryman49

    Hi Glyn:

    I purchased ROSA on Feb. 25th of this year.

    Love the portions of the video I can watch.

    Several of the videos will not uncompress.

    Can you please help me figure this out?

    Thank you,

    Augie Stark

  15. jaziey.g

    Nice Cover! Can you add the textured background to a pic photographed using the invisible background? Say you got a full torso pic with all black background, can a background be added using the technique you used in the “cover”?


  16. Robert Daniels

    I purchased a day or two ago your Rosa Tutorial and the HG tutorial. I’m able to open the MP4 lesson files in the HG tutorial. But I can’t seem to open the MP4 lesson files in the Rosa tutorial.

    I get a “playlist” dialogue box that “briefly” opens and asks me to “drop media here.” But the window isn’t open long enough for me to move a lesson file over.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I love your work and am very excited about taking both tutorials, and others as well.

    Thanks, Bob Daniels

    PS I’m working on an iMac.

    My email address is:


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