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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 24, 2011

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Morning Folks,
Thought I’d kick the week off with a couple of recommendations that could help save you some time and money…

Lenses: Try Before You Buy
As a photographer, if you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on anything make it lenses; now I don’t mean go out and buy lots of them, but rather buy the best ‘glass’ that you can. However a Pro Nikon or Canon Lens can be quite an investment but thankfully nowadays there are companies emerging that actually hire lenses out.

One such company is Maidenhead, UK based, Lenses for Hire [Link] whom I’ve used on several occasions for their great range of lenses, pricing and customer service…

Having taken your recommendation and used Lenses for Hire for a long weekend in Madrid, I hired their Canon 18-200mm f/3.5 zoom (the EF “L” 28-300mm weighed in at 1.5kg; far to much) – this gave me the opportunity to enjoy the break without carrying an equal body weight of kit around with me (okay, a slight exaggeration of comparisons).  Being a tourist and experiencing the grab shots, open-top bus tours and the like, it was a gem and I still can’t get over how few I’ve deleted for technical ineptitude. That’s not to say there’s any artistic content, you’ll understand!  The lens was a dream – just the one and I felt so comfortable that I’d covered most requirements – it was a holiday, after all.

But to top it, I couldn’t get over the administrative efficiency of LFH; acknowledging my order, confirming it, advising of it’s dispatch, reminder of return date, and after I’d dropped it off at the Courier in Maidenhead, they’ve even confirmed their receipt. Top notch!

Glyn, again, very many thanks for your recommendation – I shall certainly be using LFH again, and probably rather more than my original plan for just the “Big” occasion.

Appreciate it.

Kind regards
John Gardiner

Testing the SaberStrip
Later this week I’ll be posting a review about the SaberStrip [Link] light modifier that I was sent through from the States.

I managed to give it a bit of a run yesterday during a Photo Shoot so I’ll be sure to post all about it. In the mean time though to give you an idea as to what it looks like, you can see it in the set up shot below just behind our model…

Finally, and this is something I’ve just seen posted on Terry White’s superb Best App Site [Link] …

iStatus+ for Google+, Facebook and Twitter
It can be time consuming, if not challenging, at times to keep all the social media sites we belong to updated on a regular basis but iStatus+ [Link] looks like it could be the answer…

Having just read the review I’ve just this minute installed the App and have yet to give it a try, so why not head on over to Terry’s blog [Link] and give it a try yourself; it’d be great to hear your thoughts and whether you think it’s a winner or not.
Enjoy 🙂

•     •     •

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  1. Jon

    can’t wait to hear {read} more regarding the saberstrip, looks like an impressive little bit of kit.


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