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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 5, 2012

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Hey Folks,
Today I just wanted to touch on the subject of Backgrounds

Compositing images is tremendous fun; creating your own unique backgrounds and then placing subjects into them is something I find incredibly satisfying but using Stock photography to make them up can be quite expensive, in fact im sure I used to be able to buy images from some well known stock image sites for just a couple of pounds in the past but now prices have rocketed; so what’s the alternative?

As often as possible I’ll photograph my own backgrounds getting shots bits from here and there and combining them to make a single scene:

However there’s no avoiding it…from time to time I do need to turn to stock.You see it’s not that often I’ll end up photographing a chinook helicopter or the inside of a laboratory but that being said I will always look at buying the smaller sized image and using that to make a bigger background:

This white wall is a prime example of what I mean in that there was no way I was going to spend around £15 for a large sized version of what is just a white brick wall. Buying the smaller version means I can blend several of them together to make one large wall which I’ll then be adding a door onto so it looks like the outside of a laboratory; I think the location could work as an alternative for my recent Psycho Surgeon picture with a bit of blood painted onto the bricks and windows 🙂

Putting it all Together:
I shared this Speed Retouch video a few posts back but in it you can see (all be it at high speed) how 3 images ( 2 mountain shots and one of a cloudy sky) are combined to create the background:

So I guess what I’m saying here is that stock images don’t have to be as expensive as they first appear as by combining smaller images together along with some of your own shots definitely works out a more cost effective way of doing things.
Enjoy 🙂

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