Shooting Panoramas with the 360 App and Photoshop CS6

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 16, 2012

Category: General

Hi Folks,

Well to say we’re having a great time down in Sunny Devon would be an understatement. It’s kind of funny how despite not being from here how it feels like we’ve come home when we visit.

Anyway today I just wanted to touch on taking photos with my iPhone, or to be more specific…shooting panoramas on my iPhone.

You see the other day Terry White reviewed the 360 App over on his Best App Site [Link] and literally raved about the results it gave when shooting 360° Panoramas, so as is usually the case once I read one of Terry’s reviews I downloaded it from the App store and gave it a go. In short…WOW! It’s so incredibly easy to use and does a superb job of stitching the panorama together:

At this point all you’d need to do is to crop the photo so that all the blank areas are removed and you’d be finished BUT here’s where Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill comes in really handy:

Step 1: Open the Panorama in Photoshop and Duplicate It (CMD/CTRL + J)

Step 2: Select all the blank areas in the lower portion of the Panorama (I used the Lasso Tool)

Step 3: Fill the blank areas by choosing EDIT > FILL > CONTENT AWARE

To finish off the picture I made a rough selection of the blank areas in the top half of picture, again used Content Aware Fill and the picture was finished…a process that took all of 60 seconds!

You know it seems that each and every time we come away for a break I always bring my camera kit with me but invariably end up taking the majority of photos using my iPhone. But to be honest with you I’m pretty cool with that because I’ve still taken pictures and as the saying goes ‘The Best Camera is one you have with you” right? 🙂

Cameras on mobile phones are getting better all the time and although they’ll never (did I really say never?) take over our DSLR’s they do produce more than acceptable results for day to day photos and sure as eggs are eggs, the quality will continue to improve; I did see a guy yesterday though taking a picture using his iPad and very nearly drop it so I think I’ll give that a miss 🙂

Right, we’re off to spend some time in one of my fave places today (Lyme Regis) so I’ll bid you farewell for now and hope that whatever you’re up to you have a good one,

Enjoy 🙂

*360 App in iTunes [Link]
*Price: £0.69 (Available for both iPhone and iPad)

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