Shooting Portraits in Live View can REALLY help!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 7, 2015

Category: Photography

Popped out yesterday morning for a coffee at a friends’ café and thanks to having my camera in the car, I ended up grabbing a portrait…

Pete_Glyn Dewis

Got chatting to ‘Pete’ and afraid to admit that my mind started drifting as we were chatting with thoughts of “Hmmm nice light” as we were both sat in the front of the café by a large window. 

Anyway not so long story short, Pete was willing to have his picture taken so before he had chance to change his mind I grabbed the camera from my car along with the sheet of black cardboard I keep in there. 

Pete wasn’t what I would call nervous but to help him ‘go with the flow’ I opted to photograph him using just the natural light; you can also just about see my friend Cathy holding the black cardboard behind him.

As for the settings, they were really quick and simple…

Aperture Priority Mode at f/1.8 and bringing down the exposure using exposure compensation by about one stop and we were up and running; all done whilst looking at the LCD in Live View Mode and making quick adjustments until I liked what I saw.


As for the Tilt Screen and shooting in Live View, I’m finding that having one is proving extremely useful when taking portraits like this because not bringing the camera to my eye definitely helps the subject…kind of stops that ‘Yikes he’s about to take a photograph’ feeling…do you know what I mean? 

Focusing couldn’t be easier on this Canon 760D…just tap the LCD where you want the focus to be and it’s done. In the mean time just keep chatting away and give the occasional direction, but to be honest we were done and dusted in just over a minute.

•You can check out a LARGE version of this portrait of Pete over on my 500px portfolio page by CLICKING HERE

Hope you ‘Like’ it.

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  1. Alana Gold

    Having been watching your YouTube videos all week, it’s great to see such an effective picture taken in such simple circumstances. It has also got me thinking about what retouching techniques you might have used, it would be interesting to see the original file from the camera also.


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