ROSA (Cover Shoot)


Follow along as I take you step by step through everything I do to create Classic, Timeless Portraits using minimal kit; one light and one modifier!

Covering everything including coming up with a Concept / Idea, Kit, Setting Up, Posing & Styling, Lighting, Photography then followed by every retouching step using Lightroom / Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop.


Full-Length Photography and Retouching Tutorial where it's you and me for a 1-1 taking you through the entire process from start to finish; Inspiration, Idea, Lighting, Posing, Photography and Retouching aimed specifically at creating Classic, Beautiful, Timeless Portraits.

Play the Video below to get an overview of what we'll be going through together in this tutorial...

Tutorial Contents

  • 30 Video Tutorials (Photography & Retouching)
  • 6 Bonus Videos
  • RAW and Asset Files (so that you can follow along)
  • Full Layered Photoshop File
  • All Videos Fully Transcribed
  • 2 eBooks
  • 3 Fully edited portraits
  • Lighting Diagrams

"My Photography and Retouching improved rapidly from the moment I decided to stop listening to all the noise,
and simplified my approach to create classic, timeless images using minimal kit"
- Glyn Dewis

Across the 30 Video Tutorials and 6 Bonus Videos I take you along through absolutely everything that I do before, during and after a photo shoot.

Additional information

Delivery Method

Digital Download


Lightroom / Camera RAW, Photoshop (CC, CS6, CS5, CS4)

Skill Level

Suitable for ALL Skill Levels


  1. tsargent1 (verified owner)

    Wow! Rosa tutorial is FANTASTIC! Love the details and particularly the format. Having it broken up into individual lessons makes it so convenient to go back and review the lessons where the most help is needed.
    Glyn’s style of teaching fits me perfectly. Each step is taught in detail. From lighting and shooting to retouching with great techniques that work.
    -And it’s affordable! When the tutorial was being talked about for several months, I was sure it would be out of reach. When it was released at such a good price I bought it without hesitation. Didn’t have to wait to save up! (Unlike my camera- that’s gonna take a while. Lol)
    Thanks Glyn for all the help!

  2. neil2 (verified owner)

    Well, what can I say, I was absolutely blown away with this tutorial. we can all see the massive amount of time & effort you have put in to this Glyn. I don’t usually purchase tutorials but I just knew this was going to be good as from the quality stuff you put out on your Youtube vids & your website.
    I have now completed the tutorial & have even put it all into practice with my own shoot & processing, can’t wait for your forum to be up & running so I can upload it for your critique & anyone elses.

    So I would say to anyone who is thinking about purchasing the Rosa tutorial……..Do It!!

  3. englishguy (verified owner)

    I have a very tight photography budget, but after reading Glyn’s books I was sure this was going to be a dynamite tutorial and would be worth every cent. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Glyn goes through the photoshoot process from start to finish and explains it in such a way that even the novice can follow and improve both in studio lighting, posing, and post-processing. To me as they say “the proof is in the pudding”. Since working on about 4-5 portraits using Glyn’s techniques and posting them online, I have had 5 people contact me about having their portraits done in this style. Definitely a 5 star tutorial. Can’t wait for your new book Glyn. Really looking forward to it.

  4. mikeathome2012 (verified owner)

    I have purchased a number of Glyn’s tutorials in the past, all fantastic. Glyn has taken another step up with the Rosa tutorial, what great value for money. Of particular interest to me was the addition of the setup and lighting components which shows how easy it can be to get great lighting effects. One key feature of Glyn’s tutorials is the method of delivering the training. Glyn explains all very clearly from setup through to editing to the finished photo. A real standout for me is the video transcripts that accompany the video’s, fantastic. Great value and well done to Glyn for a great end to end tutorial.

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