Slowing Down = Attention to Detail

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 22, 2012

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Hi Folks,

Hope all is well with you 🙂

Today I just wanted to touch briefly on retouching and to be more specific…taking your time and paying attention to the details.

What do I mean?
It’s always a buzz to get positive feedback for work that you do especially when it’s for the small things.

A few weeks back I shared a picture from a recent photo shoot with DJ & Illusionist Michael Otton and was chuffed to bits to get this response from Michael:

“I love it! It’s perfect! The light looks amazing, it totally brings the picture to life and I love the reflection of the green light on my right hand! So excited, thank you”

It’s paying attention to the little things like this that are actually really easy to do but clearly make a lasting impression on clients.

I’ve mentioned more than once about taking time when retouching and not being so eager to load files into the computer, edit and upload as quickly as possible. Suffering from what I call Pixel Blindness which comes from slogging away at the screen will mean you get your editing done but I very much doubt produce your best results. On the flip side though, by slowing down it’ll help you to see things differently, end up noticing the little things that will make all the difference and ultimately lead to far better results.

At one of my recent workshops I went through all the editing steps that went into making my “Assassin” picture. With the attendees following along I went through cut outs, dodging & burning, building backgrounds, lighting effects and all that kind of stuff but then went on to show how I added in the reflection to the glasses.

Not by any means a difficult thing to do: quick selection of the inside of the glasses and then place in the image you want to use as the reflection however the ‘attention to details’ come from distorting the reflection just a little to…

Again very easy to do, this time using Photoshop’s Pinch Filter, and something you maybe wouldn’t notice had actually been done but it’s paying attention to these small details I believe makes a difference.

I know there’s some kind of quote that goes on the lines of  “Doing the little things makes the big difference” so I had a quick look on Google to see if I could find it; however I came across this one which says it in a rather more direct way:

“Show me a man who cannot bother to do little things and I’ll show you a man who cannot be trusted to do big things.”

Catch you tomorrow,
Glyn 🙂

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  1. Jonathan Thompson

    Excellent post Glyn & a timely reminder for us all. The devil is in the detail, it makes a huge difference. As you say, without mentioning the reflection in the glasses some may not have noticed. More people would have noticed if the reflections weren’t there I think.
    Editing or shooting isn’t always about adding something to make it look better, removing distractions is also something I constantly have to pay attention too & it’s good to take a time out, as you so often recommend, whilst cleaning up an image. I’m always amazed at how different it looks or what I find distracting on returning from a quick break. It’s all about pleasing the viewer & you do that rather well ol’boy.
    It’s another great image that inspires me to get a proper grip of PS skills which I’ll be needing big time on some projects I want to create.

    Looking forward to catching up at the weekend 🙂

    Cheers, JT

  2. Robert Potter

    Great post, amazing photos! Will be watching out for Pixel Blindness… =)

    Thanks for sharing


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