Social Networking: Where and Why are you hanging out???

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 19, 2012

Category: General

Hi Folks,
How’s things? How was your weekend?

So who of you use Social Media…Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc…?

There seems to be so many different social media networks out there available to us now it can be difficult to know which one/s to use. Facebook and Twitter are certainly the most popular choices amongst the masses at the moment, but now there’s a new kid on the block ‘Google+’ and if feelings amongst the experts come true this could well become the most used in the near future but who knows?

Anyway for today I just thought I’d go through which of the main social networks I use on a daily basis and touch on what kind of content I post on each, starting with…

My main Facebook Page is located at and this is where I post all kinds of things and not all business and photography related. I’ll sometimes post pictures that won’t appear on my blog or in my portfolio, video tutorials before they appear on my blog, links to articles/videos of interest or amusment and so on plus general day to day ramblings. 

Twitter is where I go for a Quick Fix; where I’ll seek advice, opinions, give out any hints & tips, links to articles/videos etc that I’ve seen across the web I think may be of interest to others and so on, plus it’s the place I’ll go if I want to publicise something fast! Twitter is like texting on Steroids 🙂

The new kid on the block and growing at an incredible rate. Out of all the social networking sites Google+ is by far the most user friendly. Photos don’t get battered and bruised like they do on Facebook and instead display crisp, sharp and large making this a great site for Photographers, Digital Artists, Designers and the like.

What’s also great about Google+ is how you can format the posts you write by making text bold, italic, underlined and so on which make for a much more pleasent read. As well as the occasional posts that are a couple of lines long I’m starting to use Google+ as a kind of mini blog where I’ll write posts that won’t necessarily appear on my main blog i.e. where you are now.


Here is where I post all the videos I put together and these range from Photoshop and Photography Hints, Tips, Techniques and Tutorials, Behind the Scenes footage from Photo Shoots and events, some lifestyle stuff and anything else I capture and fancy sharing 🙂 

Quite simply the place to have a portfolio. Great interface, easy to use and what’s more photos/images look superb on it; crisp colours, razor sharp and large. I’m directing people to my portfolio on 500px more and more these days simply because of how good images are displayed and also how uncluttered the site is; if I’m not careful I could spent hours browsing and looking at some of the incredible portfolios that have been shared by users from all across the world.

Social Networking for me is invaluable, not just for the networking but for the friendships and wonderful people that I’ve made met online. Some of my very best friends have come from using social media sites; people it’s highly likely I may never have met and for that alone I have alot to thank it for.

So what about you? What social networking sites do you use? Maybe you just use one and aren’t interested in the others. What kind of content do you post online? Maybe social networking isn’t for you.

If you are on any or all of these sites and we haven’t connected yet then be sure to shout me out and post a link to your page/s or better still, share the links to any of your sites in the comments section below so others can also find you.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. david rogers

    Twitter is the primary for me. Mostly because its all I can be bothered to do. I don’t have to (cos I can’t) write too much but I can share things that I feel have value including the old RT. Very quickly. I scan the feed while Im working, usually looking for and getting a distraction. Its my main source of news on the screen.

    Google + I think is second. Again, I scan the feed from time to time, not everyday as most of it is repetition and another source of distraction. Occasionally I’ll write something longer than a tweet but mostly I use both twitter and G+ as springboards for anything I write on my user group site.

    Mostly I don’t think I have anything that important to say but am happy to support those that do by referring their cause.

    500px. I have an account. I even got Editors Choice. That still makes me chuckle.

    Facebook. I HATE FACEBOOK. There, I said it. I know its a very powerful medium and the movie was awesome but I really don’t like the whole process. I do have a Facebook account somewhere. I only have it because some competitions are based on “likes”. I recently setup a new page for Lightroom Tampa Bay but that was only to prove a point an so far Im right GD-it! I can’t link twitter to it (I know I should be able to and I follow the instructions but its broken) and I can’t “Like” any other pages or people. I DON’T KNOW WHY.

    Anyway. Twitter is the “heads up” somethings coming.
    G+ is the here’s a more in-depth approach but basically the same thing I just told you about with the twitter link.
    500px. Im not a photographer, but I know a lot of them.
    Facebook. Blah! Go like me – I dare you.

  2. James Hole

    Twitter is also my main outlet and responsible for a lot of new friends some I have met and some yet to meet. 500px is where I host my portfolio and regularly lose hours flicking through for inspiration and ideas. Google + is a great platform and hopefully will continue to grow. I hope to start using YouTube more now I am doing some video. Facebook …….. I hate the site and the user experience, I very rarely upload or write anything there but keep my account open as I do receive a couple of enquires each month from people on there.
    All in all I have a lot to thank social media for , the many new friends and I probably wouldn’t be going to #PSW without twitter.

    Cheers Glyn

  3. Brian Worley

    Twitter, I’m with David on this, use it plenty, and have some interesting and valuable interactions with some folks I meet and some I am very unlikely to meet. Have tried to meet up with some of the twitter folks, but faces aren’t avatars.

    Facebook – yes I use this and have a separate page for poeple to like, though this is very much unliked at the moment. Interestingly I have booked several valuable jobs from facebook contacts.

    500px – yes I’m there too, not using it enough, but was intrigued that one of my pictures was on the front page of the search for images tagged “male” for about six weeks. Been displaced now by ‘male’ sparrows 🙂

    Google+ – I don’t use this one very much at all, I think that the tools / client apps and ways to get stuff in to it are not working well enough for me yet. I see plenty of Kelbymedia group connected photographers promoting it, but so far it’s feeling less valued for me.

    Let’s not forget linkedin, i’ve also booked work from contacts on there. It’s a bit less interactive and some of the groups are just plain odd, but it’s simple and easy to get going with.

    Dare I mention the pinterest word? I have an account, but still not sure what I want to do with it or if it’s useful. I’ve read the stories that for certain demographic groups in the US that pinterest is now the number 1 place to interact.

    So if “everybody” even James and David, is on facebook then that’s the biggest marketplace. But for what a business might want from it I’m not sure it’s the best for photography. Unless your business is better cat pictures :-). Maybe google+ is the answer?

    Most of my accounts are easy to find if you do something with p4pictures at the beginning, end or middle. Only oddity is g+ which doesn’t have short easy to remember names for accounts, maybe that’ll be coming in G+1

  4. Keith Hammond

    I spend a lot of time on Twitter, maybe too much, but i find it a great source of information and a lot of it almost as it happens.
    I too have met a lot of people through it and i’m very glad i did, top people #curryclub etc 🙂
    Facebook is a big no for me, i have an account but don’t use.
    500px yes but need to use it more, it is a very good site.
    Google + again have it but don’t use it enough.
    Flickr yes, spend a lot of time on there, again met great people and go on lots of meets social and photo related.
    I do feel i spend far too uch time on SM because it’s easy to folllow a few links onto interesting sites and before you know it the morning is gone.
    Another thing i question is what you get out ot all the SM business wise, a lot of people iv’e spoken too who do the lot seem to get more work from people who googled them or recommendations, rather than bookings direct from FB / Twitter etc.
    I suppose having a presence on all the SM sites is good SEO for your site but then when a new one comes along like Pinterest then you have to get going on that in case you miss out, where do you draw the line (you could end up spending so much time on SM, brecause once you start you have to keep fresh content otherwise the followers you have will not bother coming back) you haven’t got time for any work.
    This could make a good discussion over a curry when you get back from #PSW

    • Glyn

      Totally get what you say about Facebook. The site isn’t the best and the App is well…awful to be honest, but unfortunately at the moment it’s one of those sites I need to be on. I do actually see a return for time spent on it such as workshop attendees for one.

      Great to see how you all view each site and in particular what you do with what you use; thanks for sharing 🙂


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