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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 10, 2012

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Hey Folks,
How’s things? Anyone care to tell me where the last week went? 🙂

Ok so a few bits n’ bobs today; some news, some more sneak peeks at what’s coming our way with Photoshop CS6, a little bit more news and a short video…

My Interview with Xatakafoto
A short while ago I was interviewed by Spanish Photography Blog Xatakafoto where I was asked all kinds of things such as how I started, family, why I blog, future projects and much more so if you speak Spanish or you’re using the Translator in Google Chrome you can check it out here [Link] … I just hope what I said translated ok 🙂

Photoshop CS6 Sneak Peek #3
Following on from last Friday’s post here’s another sneak peek at what we can all expect to see in the next version of Photoshop…CS6

Nigel St-Lewis
Great to see that my buddy Nigel St Lewis is getting the recognition he so richly deserves…
This week he’s the featured bodybuilder on a website called which along with his interview is accompanied by some of the shots we worked on when he was in the studio during 2011.

Really looking forward to working with Nigel again in the not too distant future on a couple of themed shoots but in the mean time you can check out the article here [Link] and also read the B.T.S. (Behind the Scenes) of the studio shoot and the retouching here [Link]

Oh and for those who missed it, I did a webinar towards the end of last year showing exactly how this picture of Nigel was made; the recording of which is available here [Link]

The Shtuff People Say to Photographers
This video is so totally spot on! It’s been doing the rounds over the past few days and is well worth watching especially if you’re a photographer because I’m guessing you’ll have heard atleast…ermmm…all of the comments at some point 🙂

Right that’s all for now folks so have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you back here real soon,
Enjoy 🙂


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