Questions and Answers from my Sony and WeX Webinar

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 11, 2020

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HUGE thanks if you were one of the (just under) 500 people who registered to watch my LIVE Webinar for Sony and WeX on Friday of last week; over the weekend it’s been wonderful to receive feedback in email and on social media from folks saying how much they enjoyed it.

During the presentation the chat room was really active with lots of comments and questions coming in; some were responded to by Matt Devine from WeX however I wasn’t able at the time to do so, so thought I’d answer them here…

Has Glyn photographed Johnny Johnson (Last Living member of the Dambusters Crew) ?

I haven’t photographed Johnny (Squadron Leader George Leonard ‘Johnny’ Johnson MBE DFM) just yet however it is all being arranged for when lockdown eases and it’s 100% safe to do so.

Glyn do you use a cable release for your Sony?

Yes I do use one from time to time, particularly when photographing using constant light and photographing veterans with possible PTSD. This helps to ensure no movement in the camera but for me, the main reason is that it allows me to be discrete when taking the portraits.

What cable do you use to connect to your computer?

At the moment using my Sony A7RII, for tethering I use a USB cable made by TetherTools along with their JerkStoppper. When I upgrade my camera I’ll have a faster connection available so will change it then. Here’s a link to my Gear Page where you can see the cable I’m on about (LINK)

Did veterans choose to sit or stand or did you suggest?

To be honest this is very much decided on a case by case basis. Primarily if they stand or sit for the photo shoot depends on their mobility because their safety takes precedence of any choice I have. Mobility issues aside, I have found that some people look good seated and some people look good standing…it all depends. Again though, I’m very much guided by their mobility and comfort.

Is the grey background you use 18% grey?

The background I use is a mixture of tones of grey. It’s very low contrast and has a soft look to it. The background support is an X-Drop Background support made by Westcott and the one I use is actually called the Vintage Grey by Glyn Dewis. (LINK)

Will you ever do an editing webinar?

Absolutely … watch this space ūüôā

Could I achieve similar results with a black background?

If you’re looking to create a similar look to the portraits of the veterans I am doing then I’d say no however you could certainly create some great portraits with the black; that’s just not the look I wanted for this series.

How do you colourise your pictures? Do you use LUTs?

I sure do. Love them. If you’ve not seen it, I have a video on my YouTube Channel where i go through how to use, save, and make yout own (LINK)

What is Focus Peaking?

Focus Peaking is where the camera basically displays a coloured overlay on areas of your picture that will be sharp and in focus. It’s particularly useful when photographing with a very shallow depth of field when you could possibly focus on an eyelash instead of the eye. Being able to clearly see what will be in foucs because of a coloured overlay is massively helpful. As you adjust your focus (manually) you’ll see other areas become covered in the ‘focus peaking’. I use this ALL the time when photographing my close up portraits and using an aperture of f/2.0

Why are you still using the A7RII when the A7RIV has been around a little while now?

Ok so a couple of reasons. First one being that I’ve just been cracking on and my A7RII continues to do what I need / want it to do and never lets me down. The other reason I guess is the investment. Up until now I didn’t see the reason to upgrade however with the recent upgrades I can see there are certain new technologies I know will help; not just ‘nice to have’ but ‘very useful to have’. In particular the new and enhnaced eye focus. I have this on ym Sony A5400 that I use for video and also as a webcam and it’s insanely good. I definitely could do with this in my main work camera because there are times (more often than not) when I find myself in limited space and sometimes unable to get behind the camera. To know I can rely on the camera 100% to nail focus on the eye will be such a gift. So, I will definitely be upgrading very soon.


There were quite a few questions answered during the presentation by Matt Devine from WeX but also from other attendees so thanks for that but if you have any others, then please feel free to use the comments section below to post them and I’ll make sure to reply.


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