Stop Dying Inside and Live Your Dream

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 16, 2014

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Hey Everyone

How’s it going?

Ok so today I have something different for you; a Guest Post by my good friend Oliver Kremer that he has aptly titled Stop Dying Inside and Live Your Dreams; you’ll see why when you read it but first…

How do I know Oliver?
Well, back in April 2013 I was teaching at a week long workshop in Germany and Oliver was one of the attendees. We’ve  kept in touch ever since that week and have become good friends meeting up at other functions such as Photo Live, London where I was teaching a number of classes, The Professional Imaging Show in The Netherlands and also chatting via Google + Hangouts, Facebook etc…

With friends: Terry Donnolly, Oliver Kremer and Sander Sterk when they came along to Photo Live in London sporting surprise T Shirts 🙂

In fact it was just before heading out to The Netherlands where we caught up again that actually prompted this Guest Post. I’ll let Oliver tell you exactly what it was because when he told me the BIG decision he made felt so inspirational I felt an overwhelming need to let others know.

Good on you my friend; Oliver…it’s over to you..


There are so many beautiful places in our world …

I had a very tough business week behind me and I flew out to Paris on that day in November 2012 to start another tough business week which I knew would be resulting in very tough decisions leading into another wave of cost cutting and headcount reductions, i.e. staff layoffs.

We had our European Management Meeting planned in Paris. So, in order to reflect on the past week and mentally prepare for the coming week I decided to take a walk through beautiful Paris to fuel myself up with energy. At the bridge “Pont Alexandre III” I rested for a while watching the Eiffel Tower casting it’s fantastic light into the foggy sky disected by the blue-ish beams on its top. I couldn’t stop watching it … after a while I realised that I was resting on a beautiful bridge with rather marvelous rich sculptures on its top.

To look at all the beauty was such a mental load removing moment and it really did give me the energy I was looking for to survive the tough, upcoming week …

I know that this was the moment when I decided I have to change my life and so as I always have my camera with me so I started thinking about how I could actually catch this moment forever and share it with my family later on; but how would I combine the bridge and the tower in a way that retains it’s beauty in front of one other and also tells the story?

That is when I positioned my self between the sculptures, waiting for that particular moment when the turning lights on top of the Eiffel Tower pointed towards the sculptures thus drawing the attention of the spectators eyes from the monument towards the small sculptures on the bridge. I can tell you it took more than an hour to catch it okay. As you can imagine I had to manage the exposure quite well to see all the details in the shadows while maintaining sufficient detail in the lights and not destroying this wonderful overall warm feeling.

Well, I got the picture and life continued with this one thing in mind … Change Your Life Oliver!!!

The picture was taken in Paris on “Pont Alexandre III” at “Quai d’Orsay” within area 75007. A bridge that is disecting the 7th (Invalides) and 8th (Petit and Grand Palais) districts in Paris. It is a 5 frame HDR with almost no post processing on top of the HDR process. I used Photomatix 5 as the HDR engine and some colour correction through Topaz’Adjust 5

Just a few of weeks ago now, I have quit my (actually very well paid) job because I realised that I was slowly dying inside not doing what I really wanted in life. I’d been working for 25 years in the IT business and had established a pretty good career but it became more and more unsatisfying.

So, I decided to start all over again by creating my own little Photography business during 2014 hoping that I’d be able to find a way to establish a living from it for my family and me.

A couple of days after I quit my job, one of the first things I did, was take out this very special photograph from my archives and share it with the community as it was the ignition for the move I made. I shared it on National Geographic and surprisingly it became published as part of their “Daily Dozen” ; a selection of twelve pictures every day on National Geographic and then went on to be published in National Geographic’s “I Heart My City” assignment for the story.

Some days later I was contacted by a National Geographic Photography Editor out of Washington DC telling me that they wanted to run this photograph as the “Photo of the Day” and asked if I was ok with that. Well I quite literally fell off my chair when I read that and I am very proud to say that this picture meanwhile did become “Photo of the Day” Worlwide on National Geographic’s web page on March 27th, 2014, and at it’s highest peak it got over 14,000 shares on Facebook, over 7800 shares on G+ and about 500 Tweets on Twitter.

Glyn, Frank Doorhof and living Photography Legend Joe McNally have personally signed a printed version of this photograph for me on the weekend whilst at The Professional Imaging Show in The Netherlands.

This picture will take pride of place in my new studio office reminding me of the day when I decided to change my life to live my dream. With the signatures on it of some of the photographers I’ve admired for quite a while now it will also remind me of the wonderful people supporting me.

All the best to all of you,

Check out more of Oliver’s work here:

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  1. Regina Pagles

    Thank you for sharing Olivers’ story, Glyn. I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor!

  2. lorenzo m.

    you made a very important decision Oliver and you are a light at the end of the tunnel, a hope and ispiration for all the people (including me) that, one day, would not just dream but LIVE the dream and do what make them realized and happy, thank you, mate and thank to Glyn for sharing this and gave you the opportunity to put your story in the spotlight 🙂

  3. MIchelle Howard

    Oh my goodness.. what a inspirational story. I couldn’t help but to keep reading. In fact not just inspirational but courageous… to stop every thing.. to take stock and to bet it all on your passion. I love to see others passion for the same job that I do… its so easy just to see businesses being setup.. but with no love of the craft involved in what we truly do as artists. Well I can see that you passion is well centered and that it really does deserve your soul attention, it would be a crime to spend that energy anywhere else but with your camera and the moment in front of you!!

    Thanks Glyn… Thanks Oliver I wish you all the best.. keep us posted..! 🙂 xx

  4. Terry Donnelly

    Way to go Oliver, great blog post and thanks Glyn for sharing, great story and inspirational!

  5. Roberto Palmari

    Thanks Glyn for another bright example of your rich soul. Giving Oliver the chance to tell his story and inspire others is simply wonderful.
    I know both of you guys and I’m so proud to be able to call you my friends. We all met at the same workshop in 2013 and since then we never stopped being in touch.
    I remember the day Oliver told us about his decision, we were planning to do a shoot together to start living our dream and “leaving the living rooms”. I learned a lot from both of you and keep on learning how to focus on life, my own life. Living the dream means, well, simply living. Being yourself finally and live. Stop living someone else’s life trying to meet someone else’s expectations, injected dreams are the worst sickness we could all face. And we all are sick, until, a bridge, a wonderful and magic city…something clicks in your mind and you realise that to be free and happy you have to give yourself up and start it all again from scratch.
    Thanks for sharing your story Oliver. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Thank you Glyn for being, well, you 😉

  6. Alexander Schwarz

    Hi Glyn and Oliver, you both have just made my gloomy day(s) better!

    I just love how this turned out and wish you all the best!

    This was really a very special workshop and I am glad and proud to have been one of those fortunate people to be able to attend. We all made a lot of new friends who are still in contact.
    Hope to catch up with you in person soon!

  7. Oliver Kremer

    Dear all,
    thank you very much for all your feedback, comments and good wishes. I really appreciate you for this.

    @Alexander, I will be on a charity bicycle-tour from Budapest to Munich in mid July. We are collecting money for kids that are living on the streets and destiny didn’t show its best face to them … On that tour we will most probably come close to Vienna. Once I will be there, I drop a line. Perhaps we can meet up at that time.

    the “leaving the living room experience” was the right thing to do Roberto. I am glad we still arrange those great shooting sessions together with the team. I am looking forward to the one in the UK in October. See you there at the latest …

    I know you are somewhat in a similar decision process. I am very confident you chose the right path.

    I love the way to phrased it. It is the same words in writing that my soul passes on to me every day … thanks so much for that.

    thank you very much for your kind words Lorenzo. It is really motivating me to see all those nice responses. The next time I am in Italy I promise to come visit you …

    thanks Regina … I will be hugging you and say thank you in person when we meet in Vegas. Can’t wait.

    I cannot thank you enough for being that much of a teacher, mentor, and friend to me.

  8. gary nicholls

    Fantastic Posting well done Oliver. Glyn, you just seem meet some of the greatest people on the planet! nice one.

  9. Dave Prill

    Glyn, thank you for sharing Olivers story with us. I recently have also found myself at a crossroads and it is very inspiring to hear of others that have discovered that living your dream, doesn’t have to be something only dreamt about.

  10. Sander

    Hey Glyn,

    Thanks for giving Oliver the oppertunity to tell his story on your blog! It’s a great and inspiring story and I know how Oliver was struggling with his decision. It’s great to see that after making this decision he feels so liberated. That alone tells me he made the right one.

  11. Oliver Kremer

    thanks mate. Hope to catch up soon again.

    very true. I wish you all the best and always a good hand when making those decision at all the crossroads you are standing at.

    thank you very much for this kind compliment. Very much appreciated.


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