Suffering from Selection Frustration??? 🙂

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 10, 2012

Category: General

Hey Folks,

Good Monday to you; hope you had a good weekend.

Ok so to kick the week off I’ve a new date for your diary and a little more information about my next Photoshop Know How workshop…

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog (thank you) you’ll know that this brand new workshop is something I’m going to build into a series with the first covering how to make the best possible selections/cut outs.

So what exactly is it all about?
Well, compositing is extremely popular these days but moving something or someone from one scene into another, building new backgrounds, adding in sky and all that fun stuff is reliant on one main thing…good quality selections/cut outs; get the cut outs right and all else falls into place…literally.

Saying that though, even if you don’t do any compositing knowing how to make a decent selection/cut out is a must have Photoshop skill because it’s something I guarantee you’ll need to do at some point during your retouching.

Cut outs can be frustrating though right?  You know the things…the dark outline around the subject you’ve cut out…that grey smudgy stuff (technical term) you see when extracting hair, and vven more frustrating is hearing how good Refine Edge is but not seeming to get it to work so well for you…sound familiar?

No Secrets
It’s seeing this frustration that prompted me to start my Photoshop Know How series of workshops, and the very first ‘module’ I guess you could call it, is all about selections/cut outs. I go through the tools, the techniques, the tips and the tricks to show you how to get the best possible results…no secrets!

One thing I really do believe is that the real skill in Photoshop isn’t knowing lots of techniques and tricks but rather knowing when to use them, and this is definitely the case with cut outs.

Below you’ll see that I’ve added a new date for the next workshop which costs just £35 per person, so BOOK NOW [Link] and join me where amongst other things I’ll show you how to quickly and easily deal with common problems: no more grey smudging on hair, no more outline, tricks for picking up all those fine hairs and more…

Know How Workshops: ‘Mastering Selections’
Date: Sunday 28th October 2012
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Price: £35 per person

Limited to 12 attendees so BOOK NOW [Link] and I’ll see you there.

And there’s more…
On the subject of selections/cut outs, tomorrow I’ll give you s sneak peek at something I’m real excited about…my first ebook!

Right, things to do so have a good day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,

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  1. Piotr

    Hi Glyn,
    For some time now, I am following your blog, and always have enjoyed to read your posts. I must say the cut-outs are something I did already and mostly with refine edge, however, as you wrote, not always they do work. I would love to come to your know-how workshop, however that is hardly doable (as I’m based in Warsaw, PL). Therefore I am very happy to read about your new idea of e-book. I have seen many from David duChemin, and can tell you these can be a great source of useful information. So, I can’t wait to read one from yourself!
    Thank you.

  2. Bob Bell

    Yeah, pretty much what Piotr says except I’m not in Warsaw. Will deffo be on the book though 😉

  3. Neil Harsant

    Yay! an ebook. Great news Glynn, my eyes are peeled 🙂

  4. Morgana Creely

    I second Piotr, both wishing l was closer, and being interested in any ebooks.

    Perhaps you could cover selections in a future video tutorial? 🙂


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