Sunset – Anytime, anywhere …

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 22, 2009

Category: General

I get a real kick out of experimenting with flash photography; changing the light in a scene to give the final picture a completely different feel. (The photo attached is an example of what I mean). Yesterday morning I was out on a portrait shoot taking head & shoulders shots and when we were all finished, I couldn’t resist trying out one more.

Despite it being a fabulously (is that a word???) sunny day with bright blue skies, I thought it would interesting to make a photo that gave the feel of an evening sunset, so … make some adjustments in the camera, take one Nikon SB800 flash, some coloured gels and put it outside firing back into the house through a window with blinds in; add to that, a pressed, I mean willing client and voila :o)


NB> Here’s what the room looked like with the bright sun coming in through the window before I ‘tweeked’ it a little :o)

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    Wow, nice pic.


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