Talking to the Mercia Group; Thanks to Jaguar

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 26, 2012

Category: General

Hey Folks…How’s things?

Last night I literally was sent to Coventry; well actually to give a talk in Coventry to the Mercia Group having been booked by Jaguar…

I was asked specifically to give a talk on how I first started in Photography and as those who know me will be aware it came from first of all being introduced to Photoshop by one of my Uncles who was always the family photographer and pointing a lens in your direction if you stood still long enough. As a child it always felt uncomfortable but I always kind of knew that it was important to take photos and lots of them irrespective of them being technically correct or not…it was the memory that was most important.

Anyway aside from how I started, I was asked to talk through the story behind some of my images and how I go about putting them together..from the lighting and through the editing stage. I love this part and you know what’s funny and I’m sure it’s the same for you…I can remember taking each and everyone of the photographs and of course what happened during the process; which in my case when shooting on location does tend to involve managing to find the only dog mess in the area and getting at least some part of me covered in it…as happened here:

The talk lasted just over two hours with a short break half way through for refreshments and included a couple of videos, a photography demo where I went through the Invisible Black Backdrop technique and finished off by showing some fast and easy retouching using Photoshop.

Huge thanks to the Mercia Group and to Jaguar for being such a wonderful group of people, making me feel so incredibly welcome and even laughing at my jokes; Great times!

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  1. Scott Wiggins


    Thanks for a great night. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback both from our members and the other clubs that were present.

    Thanks again.


    • Glyn

      Scott, a HUGE thanks to you for organising everything. I had a great night with a great bunch of people! 🙂

  2. Bob Johnston

    Bob Johnston – Glyn, Many thanks for a hugely entertaining and informative night. If anyone reading this is thinking of inviting Glyn along for a talk – I say don’t delay, you won’t regret it.
    P.S. You can send me that pic if you still have it on your card.

  3. Derek Medcraft

    Thoroughly enjoyed your lecture at Coventry last Wednesday. I spoke to you very briefly at the end and said I would e.mail you some details of a little course I recently attended.
    My wife recently bought me 3.5 hour session through (one of these voucher sites)beginners course “How to use a DSLR”. It was a held in one of the function rooms at the Saxon Mill, Warwick, 24 people turned up. The photographer had a table with a projector on it, a screen at the front and five rows of chairs, no desks or tables to rest on or make notes, however this is easily overcome, advise people to bring a clip board or have them readily available (with a suitable Glyn Dewis logo on them), you can never beat a bit of additional advertising.
    I took some photographs at the rear of the Saxon Mill but do not know how to load them to this e.mail. If you reply to my e.mail address I’ll attach some of photographs.


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