#TBT and the Portrait Hallelujah Moment

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 24, 2015

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This week’s #TBT Throw-Back Thursday is to April 2014 when I had a front cover on Netherlands based Focus Magazine.

This particular issue marked Focus Magazine celebrating their 100th and to say I was honoured to have an image feature as the front cover is one heck of an understatement!

focus_magazineIf you’re aware of my work you’ll most likely haver seen this picture before and also know that the model is my Best Buddy Dave Clayton (@itsdaveclayton) and is without doubt my favourite of all the pictures I’ve made to date. Not because I was pleased with the lighting, the post processing and the final look but more because of what it represents.

You see, Dave was never meant to be the model for this picture but due to the actual model pulling out last minute Dave volunteered, or rather was volunteered to take his place. Now this was a BIG ask for Dave as back then (and no where near as much now) he literally hated having his picture taken, so imagine if that was you and then you were asked to model at a workshop? No way right?!?!

So, long story short this picture was somewhat of a Hallelujah moment when I discovered quite by accident how powerful it can be to give your subject a character to play. Now they don’t have to get dressed up in a a costume as Dave did for this one, but rather just giving them a character or persona to take on can make a huge difference. In this picture I asked Dave to pretend he was the Editor from the Spiderman Movies…the larger than life Jonah Jameson. Sure enough the first few pictures were pretty much what we expected…BAD, but it was only a few pictures later that Dave seemed to forget he was Dave and got into character and this was the result.

Sure you’ve got to have fun doing this but think about it…they only have to be in character for around 1/160th second (insert your own shutter speed) and you’re done!

So why is this picture my favourite of all? Well quite simply because I saw my friend go from hating having his picture taken to actually enjoying it and the confidence Dave gained from this, and the experiences that have come off the back of it just keep on coming.

Yeah…makes me proud!

Catch you tomorrow,

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  1. Archie

    lol, great photo and backstory! What do you call this type of lighting, set-up? He looks cartoonish, awesome.


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