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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 27, 2019

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Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story…

Despite the mis-reporting by the Press, the response, kindness and comments from folks from all corners of the globe since I set up the GoFundMe campaign to help former Royal Marines Command and D-Day Veteran Ted Owens has been overwhelming.

At the time of writing this post we’re just shy of raising £14,000 and it’s still growing. The original goal of £2500 would have changed Ted’s life but now we’ve far surpassed it there‘s so much more we will all be able to do…and not just for Ted. I say ‘all’ because this concerns all of us…we’ve ALL now done something to say ‘thank you’ to Ted and his generation…you need to know and understand that! Also thinking about it, if Ted’s situation had been as the Press Headline would suggest (Daily Mail, Metro etc…) then the initial goal would have been much more than £2500 that’s for sure. Facts like this thankfully serve to discredit the Press and report the facts as they truly are.

More press is going to come out about all of this for certain and I’m sure it will be written in such a way that puts ‘eyes on pages’ but so long as we all know the real reason behind this then that’s fine…had it been as the press have reported, Ted has amazing friends that would have stepped in long before as would the Royal Marines themselves. Ted has truly amazing friends and support but there is understandably a limit to what they can do with both time and money. Add to that all the red tape and bureaucracy that exists to just get stuff to help and you understand why this had to be done. Now we have the funds WE are in control and WE can improve Ted’s life and others like him.

A final note about the headlines the Press chose to use is that yes of course there is a positive to it as it’s clearly drawn attention to the story; we all just need to know in our hearts that people understand the facts.

I’ll keep you posted but for now watch this wonderful documentary about Ted called ROYAL.

Check out the GoFundMe Campaign set up for Ted Owens by CLICKING HERE


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