Relieved and Happy: Veterans Fund Raiser

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 31, 2019

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Relieved and happy to see that (for once) the papers reported something (fairly) accurate.

I was sent this by my friend and fellow Photographer, Ross Grieve and initially I felt like my heart stopped thinking what it may say because of the ‘issues’ that arose having set up a GoFundMe to raise money for World War 2 Veteran Ted Owens and Veterans in Immediate Need; you can read more about this HERE and HERE

Anyway this article was in the Western Telegraph – a Pembrokeshire, Wales Newspaper, and I was incredibly relieved to see that yes they do report that Ted received his half of the money that was raised BUT also that the other half was donated to The Veterans Charity. Honestly I first though they would only say that Ted received his half of the money raised and not mention where the other went which by default would leave people thinking something untoward might have occured; but as can be seen, this wasn’t the case.

Ted Owens

Once again, a massive THANK YOU from me to all of you who helped to raise such an incredible amount and that has gone on to help MANY others. I’m not welcome at Ted’s because of the way it was all reported and twisted by the media and upset this caused Ted, but I can live with that. The reason for this article was for Ted to let folks know that he wasn’t as the papers first reported, living hand-to-mouth and that he knew nothing of the campaign I’d set up to raise money). Anyway, just knowing that ultimately a lot of good has been done and today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s cat litter tray is good enough for me.

Catch you next time 😉

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