Thank you Major Bradshaw

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 6, 2020

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Recently I have added some posts on social media about a recent trip I had to visit and photograph World War 2 Veteran, Major Samuel Bradshaw of the 6th Royal Tank Regiment.

Now I won’t go into details here other than say I did feel a little low when leaving the care home that Major Bradshaw lives in. When I mentioned this in the posts along with his picture a few people suggested we all send him some ‘Thinking of You’ and ‘Thank You’ cards; so let’s do it…

Plan of Action

Ok so here’s the plan…

If you’d like to write a card to Major Bradshaw then if you send them to me at the address below I’ll ensure that he receives each and every one of them:

Glyn Dewis Photography
Suite 18
Enterprise House
Telford Road
OX26 4LD

I’ll need to put a time limit on this as we’ll be relocating in the coming weeks, so please can you get it to me by the end of March.

Alterantively, if you’d like to write a message in the comments section below, I can print them out and will also ensure he gets them all. 


One little request…

Can I ask one thing though? Please when writing your card don’t make any reference to hearing that he was a little low, doesn’t mix well etc… just say something like you “saw his portrait and felt compelled to write to say hello and thank you” … something like that.

Major Bradshaw, as are all Veterans, is an incredibly proud man and most definitely wouldn’t want sympathy. You know what I’m getting at right?

Ok let’s do this, and let’s show Major Bradshaw he’s being thought of.

Thanks so much ,

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