Thank You! Lichfield World Wide Photo Walk

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 3, 2016

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Just wanted to kick the week off with a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to the Lichfield, World Wide Photo Walk on Saturday.

Despite the miserable weather (raining throughout) we had a great turnout of hardcore ‘togs who really did make the very best of the situation. Everywhere I went as I walked around trying to meet as many as I could during the walk I was greeted with smiles and positivity and it was just so great to see.

Lichfield is a stunning City with the Cathedral taking centre stage and it was so wonderful that they were so incredibly welcoming and willing for us all to walk around taking pictures and taking in the stunning architecture. For those of you that this was your first visit to Lichfield I highly recommend you make a return trip on a day when the weather is better behaved and especially in the evening when the sun is setting behind the Cathedral…it’s nothing short of stunning!

Lichfield WWPW

Of course the photography side of these walks is very much secondary to the social aspect and thankfully quite a few of us were able to dive into a decent sized bar / lounge, grab a few tables and chat at the end of the walk. As corny as it may sound it really is the friends and the association that is the very best thing of these Photo Walks. I’ve made and still do have some incredible friends from having taken part since the very first so I’m a huge advocate of the social aspect.

I can’t wait now to see what images are uploaded from the day as I’ve seen some already across social media and they’re superb! Folks really have made the very best of the situation and the creative side seems to have kicked the weather well and truly in the a$$ 🙂

Thanks again everyone and keep an eye on the official Lichfield WWPW page where I’ll post updates regards to the extra competitions held during the day, where to upload and how to label your images, winners and so on…

Best to you,

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  1. Vernon Nash

    Thanks Glyn for organising. Shame it was so wet but I will be going back there and getting more shots.


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