Where did you get THAT background?

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 6, 2018

Category: Kit | Photography

Since I posted this portrait of my friend Barry King, I’ve had quite a few folks asking about the background.

So, rather than reply individually I thought I’d share details of it here. The one used in the portrait is Barry’s but I’ve since ordered my own that was delivered yesterday…

Glyn Dewis

The background I ordered from Amazon (thanks to Barry sending me details) and it cost just £46 and as you can see from the picture above, it folds down really small which will make it ideal for taking with me when presenting abroad. Despite being folded the creases are negligible; but it can be ironed if need be. It also comes with one side stitched over so that a cross beam can be slid through for hanging between two light stands or, as I regularly do, on a boom. Overall, great quality, looks fantastic and a great price!

CLICK HERE for this KateHome Photo Studio 5′ x 7′ Background on Amazon 


Disclaimer: The link I’ve provided above is an affiliate link with Amazon meaning you get the background the same price you always would but Amazon pay me anything between 3% – 8% for recommending ordering through them.

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  1. Brian Dunkel

    Looks like they are not available on the US Amazon store. Just curious, do you prefer to use these backgrounds now as opposed to the grey backgrounds? I’ve followed your technique for adding a textured background for some time now. Is one way better than the other? Or is it a case of one less step in photoshop to get a similar result?


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