The Amazing Jessi

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 24, 2012

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Hi Folks…How’s things?
I thought I’d share one of the shots I took of the amazing Jessi whilst hanging out in Germany with great friends Calvin Hollywood & Gabor Richter

Now I say ‘Amazing Jessi’ for a number of reasons…all of which make her an incredible model to work with. Calvin told me I’d be impressed and man was I. We’d booked out the whole of Tuesday last week to photograph Jessi in the studio in a number of set ups and themes and what was so fantastic was how well prepared she was…so many different items of clothing and props…and what’s more all for ideas she brought to the table.

Finding models like Jessi is no easy thing; sure there are models who look great, there are models who know how to ‘work’ infront of the camera and there are models who have lots of ideas but to get all of that in one package is something special. So I guess this is more of a shout out to Jessi to say thanks for being so great to shoot and such fun to hang out with; I had a blast!

I’ll be popping back and forth to Germany as often as I can now to hang out with Calvin, Gabor and everyone else and I’m sure we’ll be getting Jessi infront of the camera again but in the mean time there’s a few more images I need to work through from our time together…the Dark Angel and a take on the cover of Columbiana which we’re calling GerLondonia…or something 🙂

Oh and I guess if I was trying to say anything in particular here it would to make a point to shoot for yourself and your portfolio as often as you can but also when you do, make it count…and that starts by finding the right model.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Jonathan Thompson

    Beautiful final image. Jessi sounds amazing to work with, it’s so nice when everyone brings ideas to the table, really feels like a team collaboration, 2,3,4 or more heads are better than 1.

    Oh, and like the new look blog header, splendid.

    Cheers, Jonathan

    • Glyn

      Cheers Jonathan 🙂


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