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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 31, 2018

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Proud to say I’ve teamed up with friends over at Design Cuts and have contributed to their Essential Photography Bundle.

Basically this is a bundle that includes a ton of presets, overlays, actions and special effects you can use in your own pictures. As well as my own Creative Pack (1) which is the pack that contains all the textures, walls and floors I use in a lot of my own pictures, there’s shed loads of other stuff too, including:

  • Professional Retouching Actions
  • Cinematic Presets
  • Lightroom Presets
  • Lighting Effect Overlays
  • Vintage Photoshop Overlays and Actions
  • Fog Overlays
  • and so it goes on…


The products in the bundle are themselves Best Sellers normally selling for a regular price of $381, but Design Cuts have made this bundle available for just $29 from now until Tuesday 13th November (92% off). I think this is the first Photography Bundle Tom and his team at Design Cuts have put together which is why they’re offering it as a one-time offer of 92% off.

Design Cuts

I only got the bundle on Sunday but have had a bit of a play this evening on a couple of my own pictures; one you’ll probably recognise as my friend Anthony from my 1940’s project that I’ve used some overalys to give the aged look, and one I had a (very) quick play with using a sky background from the bundle, a Spitfire from Adobe Stock (preview) and a font from Adobe Type. Like I said just playing but it’s fun trying to come up with an idea for a Spitfire picture now I’ve got some sky backgrounds taken from…in the sky 🙂

Design Cuts

Design Cuts


Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about the bundle, not just because I’m part of it but because I’m already getting use out of the contents and thought you’d benefit too in your own pictures be they personal or commercial.

Catch you next time

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