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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 12, 2009

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This year has seen a few major changes in direction with regards to my photography; the main one being that I’m focusing on my Portrait & Editorial Work and pulling away from photographing weddings. That doesn’t mean to say that I flat out ‘will not’ be photographing weddings, cos I will…it just means that I will limit myself as to how many. I’m a big believer that when it comes to photography you really can’t be a ‘Jack of all Trades’. In fact saying that you do ‘everything’ can have an adverse affect, because no-one can, so defining who and what you are is really important.

This year I’ve limited myself to 3 weddings and each has their own qualities as to why I’ve chosen to do them. They are all in fabulous locations as you’d expect but one in particular is at the gorgeous ‘Matara’ – a tranquil and beautiful venue set in 28 acres of woodland and parkland in the Cotswold Hills, Gloucestershire – a real gift for a photographer.

Another of the weddings I’m photographing is a Civil Partnership at the Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa for Brian Whyte & Chris Rivett. Being asked to photograph their big day means alot and I’m totally thrilled that they asked me to do so.

As with any wedding I think it’s vitally important to do a photo shoot with the couple way before their big day for a host of reasons such as: giving an insight into how I work so there are no surprises on the day which also helps build trust; enables the client to get some great photos, again building trust and confidence and most importantly to help build a relationship so that everyone is that much more relaxed on the wedding day.

I’ve attached a few of the photos from Brian & Chris’ photo shoot this week which was a blast. Brian aptly named it the ‘Getting to know you’ shoot, which I’m sure he wont mind me ‘stealing’.

Enjoy ;o)

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Glyn
    Your a star and i hope this is beginning of fantastic friendship between us
    Brian x


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