The Mayor of Warwick Photo Shoot continued…

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 11, 2015

Category: Photography

I’d planned to have a new video for you today but having been out at the new house yesterday time just flew by and I didn’t get chance to sit and record one; however I’ll definitely have one for you later this week.

In the mean time though, carrying on from yesterday’s post I thought I’d give you a look at another of the portraits I took of the Mayor of Warwick last weekend and also give you a look at the lighting set up…


Ok so for this picture, I knew I wanted to make it look like natural window light was spilling into the room however because there were so many windows the room itself was filled with light and had no real atmosphere so I knew it would be a case of creating our own. The solution here was to use the 175cm Octa from Elinchrom and treat it as though it was one of the windows; this way I could control the ambient light in the room and light the Mayor exactly as I wanted.

In the lighting diagram below you can get an idea of what the set up was:


I’ve included the picture below to give you an idea exactly where the Octa was positioned in relation to the Mayor. You can see that it is quite a way in front and the reason for this was so that the we ended up with a cross lighting effect an that it was just the feathered edge of the light from the Octa on the Mayor as opposed to getting it full blast from the side; the result of this gives much more pleasing shadow and highlight area on the Mayor:


In the picture below you can see that I was shooting both tethered and on a tripod.

Shooting tethered is not only great for seeing images as they come through on a bigger screen for checking sharpness, composition but also has the effect of slowing you down…which is most definitely a good thing. Shooting on my 3 Legged Thing Evo Steve tripod is great for a couple of main reasons. Firstly when setting the lighting up with my Buddy Brian sitting in as the Mayor I can get fix the right height and position to shoot from, but also when photographing the Mayor I can also shoot without hiding my face behind the camera; I can just gently press the shutter as and when I have a shoot but still be seen by and keep engaging with Mayor…if that makes sense. This is something I’ll always do when photographing someone who maybe isn’t quite so confident in front of the camera.

Now it just so happens that in the picture below I do have my face behind the camera but here I’m just checking focal point, height etc…


You can also see my California Sunbounce Mini Reflector (Silver/White) in the set up above but to be honest this was there initially to see if we could bounce a bit of light back onto the Mayor; it did but the result was negligable but just left it there anyway. It wasn’t essential but I thought I’d just try it to see how much it would give.

Anyway I hope that’s in some way useful for you and as always if you have any questions, please do make use of the comments section below and I’ll be sure to reply asap


•You can check out the LARGE version of this portrait over on my 500px portfolio page by CLICKING HERE

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  1. willief

    Excellent image and simply explained technique.
    Cheers from Australia.


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