The Mayor of Warwick: New Picture PLUS Lighting

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 10, 2015

Category: Photography

This past weekend I was over in Warwick, UK to photograph both the Mayor and the Town Crier.

I posted a preview of a couple of the pictures and with them following some fantastic feedback I promised to write a couple of posts to give you an idea of the lighting set up of each; so here goes…


The intention with this photo shoot was to create something classic so I was looking for a setting that had with it the Oldie Worldie (if there’s such a word) feel; however with the Council Chambers having gone through a recent refurbishment where the old wood panelling walls had been painted over…aarrrrggghhhh!!!! So what do you do? Well it’s then a case of looking for any morsel of space that you can adapt with light and a little post production, which is exactly what I saw with the door at the end of the corridor just outside of the Chambers.

Having decided the location was a good one, it was then a case of deciding on the lighting. Not much choice here other than setting up a light in the adjoining room to light up the subject which in this case was the Mayor who would be stood in the hallway and in front of the door.

With a little tweaking of the position of the light so that it wasn’t flooding the hallway but rather feathered so that we still give a cross lighting effect, all that was then needed was for Brian to squeeze himself on the opposite wall out of camera view and hold the California Sunbounce (Silver) Mini Reflector in a position to add a little bit of light onto the back of the Mayor’s head.

Oh the main light here was the 175cm Elinchrom Octa; used because of it’s size and with it being positioned away from the Mayor, was still a big enough light source to produce very natural looking, soft light.


Later this week I’ll add a post showing another of the pictures of the Mayor and again give you a look at the lighting but in the mean time if you have any questions, please do feel free to make use of the comments section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Finally, a HUGE thanks to my Buddy, Brian Dukes who came along to help out during the day; always a good time hanging out!


•Check out a LARGE version of this picture of the Mayor of Warwick over on my 500px portfolio page by CLICKING HERE

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