The Perfect Couple: Kimberley & Terry

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 12, 2010

Category: General

Not long now until the big day when Kimberley Payne and Terry Perfect become Mr & Mrs…
Now despite not being a Wedding Photographer when I was approached by Kimberley and asked if I would photograph their big day how could I possibly refuse? … they are friends after all 🙂

Wotton House in Dorking is the venue for both the ceremony and celebrations so from here on in I’m performing the sun dance on the hour every hour so that we have it all: great weather, great venue and a great couple.

This coming Saturday (16th October) is the day so why not show both Kimberley & Terry the power of blogging and social networking by leaving them a ‘Congratulations’, ‘Best Wishes’ or similar message in the comment section below; I’ll be sure to print out any that you post and pass them on.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Neil Holmes

    Hi Glyn, it will be great!
    When your a photographer you can photograph anything!…thats the fun of the job. I’ve had my turn being a wedding photographer but now because I only shoot a few a year I find the images are fresher and the whole experience is a lot more fun!

    Cheers Neil

    • Glyn

      Cheers Neil.
      Totally understand what you’re saying there. Not being a Wedding Photographer, I have limited myself to a maximum of 4 Weddings a year as it’s not my main body of work, and yeah I agree treating them like this does keep the photos fresh and the whole experience alot more fun. Being a full time wedding photographer is a real skill and people such as Sean Gannon for example are definitely at home in that environment as his work shows unlike some who do them week in week out and treat them like a conveyor belt system when the only thing that’s different from one wedding to another are the faces which just isn’t fair on the client.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting mate; I really appreciate it.

  2. Keith Hammond

    Glyn in your words you may not be a wedding photographer but you sure can take a goog picture so Kimberley & Terry are going to have some lovely wedding photographs that will always remind them of their very special day.
    I love weddings with a passion, i love being a part of that special day and creating the memories, i hope i can do this for years to come and get better every time.

    Kimberley & Terry i send you my warmest congratulations and best wishes for your wedding day.
    You will find because there is so much going on during the day it will pass so quickly, so enjoy every moment with your friends and family around you.

    I look forward to seeing some of your pictures.

    • Glyn

      @Keith…First of all thanks so much for the kind words; it means alot especially coming from someone who specialises in weddings and consistently produces high quality work!

      I’ll be sure to pass on your best wishes to Kimberley & Terry.
      Glyn 🙂

  3. David Kelly

    Without doubt they’ll get a great set of images from yourself that they’ll treasure for years to come. Please pass on my best wishes to Kimberley & Terry for their big day – fingers crossed for good weather.

    • Glyn

      @David…Thanks for that and yes I’ll definitely pass on your best wishes.


  4. Neal

    Have a wonderful day, you are in very good hands when it comes to your wedding photographs.

  5. Mary Reed

    Wishing Kimberley & Terry
    A “Perfect” day
    Hope all goes well
    and the sun shines through
    Love and best wishes
    Mary and all the family

  6. Noel Hannan

    Great shots Glyn, and please pass on my congratulations to the happy couple.

    All the very best,

    • Glyn

      @Noel…Thanks buddy and yeah I’ll certainly pass on your best wishes.

      Cheers, Glyn

  7. Govind Vekaria

    All the best to Kimberley & Terry.
    Glyn, care to explain your post processing soft focus effect?

    • Glyn

      @Govind…Cheers my friend and re the soft focus…keep ’em peeled…a tutorial is coming v.soon 🙂


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