The Photoshop World Experience Part 1

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 30, 2012

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Hi Folks…How’s things?

Well I’m finally back after what has been an incredible week at Photoshop World in Washington DC.

This was to be the second Photoshop World I’ve ever been to having been a few years previous however this time was going to be a completely new experience as I was on the team of Official Instructors.

I travelled over with my Buddy and UK NAPP Evangelist Dave Clayton, heading off bright and early on the Thursday morning (22nd) before the Pre Con and Main Event kicked off. The early start at Heathrow called for the traditional full English Breakfast and then it was up, up and away flying with my fave United Airlines.

Having landed in Washington after the 8 and a bit hour flight catching a few films on the way (Geez I do wish I hadn’t told Calvin I watched Tin Tin and Twilight 🙂 ) it was then off to the hotel and then catching up with my Buddies Calvin Hollywood and Michael Mueller for a few drinks, a bite to eat and a look around the main Convention Centre to get our bearings:

Friday was Pre Conference Day starting with an early morning meeting with the folks from Adobe to be shown all the sneak peaks and future plans of Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and Photoshop Touch. This meeting was invitation only and amongst others it was great to hang out with folks who’ve played a big part in my Photoshop life: Russell Brown, Julianne Kost, Ben Willmore and more…

Concert Pre Con
I’d been looking forward to the Concert Photography Pre Con with World Famous Concert Photographer Alan Hess and Scott Diussa for what seemed liked an age and man was it worth it!!!

Following their presentation it was then off to photograph a live concert with Scott & Kalebra Kelby’s Band Big Electric Cat and geez are they good! I was almost tempted to put down the camera and start dancing but I use the term ‘dancing’ very loosely as it’s more a case of throwing my arms and legs around uncontrollably; more on that later 😉

This style of live concert/event photography was so far removed from what I’m used to but I had so much fun and learned shed loads thanks to Alan and Scott’s teaching style. I’d be really tempted to get out now and again to photograph some bands playing live; it really is great fun and all the hints, tips and techniques the guys share work a treat.

On the subject of Live Event/Concert Photography, if you haven’t already then be sure to watch Alan & Scott’s superb Concert Photography class on Kelby Training [Link]  PLUS get hold of a copy of Alan’s new book [Link] where he shares everything you’ll need to get you up and running and start producing your own fantastic results:

Welcome Dinner at Famous Luigis
In the evening it was then off to an Italian Restaurant Famous Luigis for the Opening Night Instructor Welcome Dinner; such a fantastic night with plenty of laughs and lots (and lots) of food.

I’ve followed Joel Grimes and his incredible work for quite a while now so getting quality time to sit down, eat and chat with him was a real treat; what a great guy!

At the end of the meal Scott Kelby gave a short speech introducing the new instructors and having to stand and see all those folks who have and continue to play such a big part in my life clapping and congratulating was kind of surreal.

So that was the first couple of days in DC and now Photoshop World was about to begin full steam ahead with my class scheduled for the coming Sunday, but that’s all for today so I’ll catch up with you in a short while to bring you more of what happened at this amazing event in Part 2.

Enjoy 🙂

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