The Photoshop World Experience Part 2

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 31, 2012

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Hey Folks,

The weekend already? Geez seems like the older, I mean more mature I get (yeah right), the days turn into hours, the hours into minutes and the minutes into blinks of an eye :/

So, here’s Part 2 of the diary of events from Photoshop World which picks up on the official start and the Opening Keynote…

This year’s theme was politics with each of the Photoshop Guys running as Presidential Candidates. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and effort went into putting it all together with all the stage set up, videos and even a Sarah Palin impersonator…at least I think she was an impersonator.

Great fun, lots of laughs and a superb start to the main event 🙂

Calvin Hollywood
This was to be the first year Calvin had his own teaching track and his first class kicked off straight after the opening keynote. It was so good to see that the room quickly became packed with eager attendees, with all seats being taken and people having to stand at the back too…so cool!

Of course Calvin totally Rocked the House delivering a fun packed, 1 hour teaching session. Sounds crazy maybe but knowing Calvin as a friend I felt so proud and happy for him to have received such a great response 🙂

Abe Lincoln aka Russell Brown
Another great person to have been able to catch and hang out with backstage was the one and only Russell Brown. Senior Creative Director at Adobe, Russell is a larger than life character who never fails to amaze with his teaching and up until now I’d never had the chance to catch up.

Such a fun guy, Russell came dressed as Abraham Lincoln and his presentation of Photoshop Touch had everyone creased up with laughter at the Adobe Meeting in the morning and at the opening keynote; hilarious 🙂

From 1pm the Expo Hall opened with so many companies showing off their latest and greatest.

Stopped by the Lens Bracelet having been called out by the owner/creator Adam Elmakias who said that he followed me on Twitter; such a small world huh

The lens bracelet’s definitely appeal to the camera junkie in me and yeah maybe a little but geeky but hey so what…they look real good and who said life is for being serious anyway? You can check them out here [Link] and follow the owner Adam here too [Link] … super nice guy 🙂

Attendee Party
After a few more teaching tracks it was then off to the Attendee Party at the Ibiza Night Club where Scott Kelby had hired the whole venue out for Photoshop World Attendees only between 8pm – 11pm.

Scott’s Band ‘Big Electric Cat’ performed live, and such a fantastic night was had with everyone there. Finally headed back to the hotel to grab some sleep and prep for the following day’s early start  and my very first time teaching a class at Photoshop World, but more on that in Part 3.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Mel Reyes-Abbey

    And if people want to see more on photoshop world, including the BTS of YHWH photo of you and Abe, check out the blog at

  2. Kevin Halliburton

    The opportunity to meet you in person was one of the main reasons I set my heart on going this year and it’s one of the main reasons I was really bummed when circumstances kept me home. I know it was a great party full of fun and opportunities at every turn, more so when you were added to the roster. From what I’ve heard, you are sure to be back on the ticket again. I’ll look forward to the next opportunity to catch you in person.

    • Glyn

      @Kevin…Will be great to finally catch up mate 😉

  3. Nat

    I love Scott’s band :)! Will you be teaching in Vegas by any chance???


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