The Photoshop World Experience Part 4: Saying Goodbye

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 2, 2012

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Hey Folks,

How’s things?

Hope all is well with you and those of you who managed to get to Photoshop World are making the most of all the excitement and learning 🙂

Talking of Photoshop World here’s Part 4, the last of my diary entries:

On the very last day of the event it was another early start getting across to the Convention Centre to grab a class or two and also to hang out in the Instructor’s Room before the End of Show Wrap Up Rally and Giveaways.

*Hanging backstage with Calvin Hollywood and Douglas Sonders*

Attendees were treated to 5 minute closing presentations by Joel Grimes, Calvin Hollywood, Moose Peterson and Dave Black; each very different but each very impactive. Mind you I dread to think how many people out there now have a file of my bald head as Calvin got everyone creased up showing how to swap facial features between him and me; gotta say…it wasn’t pretty 🙂

Once all had come to an end it was then a final chance to hang out with everyone at the Show Wind Down Instructor Party:

*On the left with Jeremy Cowart, Frank Doorhoff & Douglas Sonders and on the right with Joel Grimes*

Sadly then it was all over but seeing as we didn’t leave until the following day it was ‘out on the town’ with Alan Hess, Dave Clayton and top chap James Hole. We wound up in an Irish Bar recommended by Alan for the food and my what a recommendation. I opted for the fish and chips but the portion was more like Great White Shark and Chips…it was huge!!!

A great night with lots of laughs; much like all the time I’d had in Washington from the moment I arrived 🙂

With our flight London Heathrow bound not being until later in the evening the following day it was off for a stroll around Washington to play the tourist.

It was kind of surreal to finally get to see the White House with my own eyes rather than on a TV screen; alot smaller than I expected though:

Washington sure is a great place to walk around; so many famous landmarks to see:

Finally headed over to see the Lincoln Memorial and man that’s impressive!

So that was Photoshop World 2012 in Washington DC; an absolutely incredible and unforgettable experience for oh so many reasons.

It was wonderful to finally catch up with so many friends I’d never met thanks to the world of Social Media, but also to finally get to meet and hang out with so many people that have and continue to make such a positive impact on my life. I don’t use the word awesome all that often, but I’m going to have to when I try to describe what it felt like to be asked and then to finally teach my first class at Photoshop World; awesome experience and a huge honour!

Photoshop World is so much more than Photoshop and Photography. Sure with the large number of teaching sessions and world class instructors you’ll learn an incredible amount but it’s the motivation, the feel good factor and the friendships that take it to a whole new level.

Back when I first started using Photoshop and didn’t have a clue what to do with it, that very same year I joined the N.A.P.P. (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and made the trip to Photoshop World, Las Vegas which incidentally was also my first ever trip to the US and I haven’t looked back since.

Now Photoshop World 2012 in DC is over but in 6 months time Photoshop World hits Las Vegas so why not make the decision to go and witness for yourself what all the excitement is all about. If Vegas is too soon then set yourself a goal to go this time next year; you won’t regret it!

Enjoy 🙂

•     •     •

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  1. Michael

    Thanks, Glyn, for your take on both your visit here and experience as a first time instructor. Your genuine enthusiasm certainly bubbles up through your instruction and also through the uniqueness of your work.

    Keep having fun! I look forward to your future classes at PSW!

  2. Glyn

    Michael…Cheers for that. I had such a blast in DC; great place, great people!

  3. Darren House

    Glyn some great posts here!

    Looks like you had a FAB time 🙂

    The White House looks smaller than you had thought, well I had always thought it might. They must photoshop it in the pictures….

  4. Nat

    Great coverage. Can only imagine how much fun it was! Love Dave’s t-shirt btw :)!


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