The Power of Social Media: Calvin Hollywood & The Holiday Inn

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 14, 2011

Category: General

Back in August of this year Calvin Hollywood (Photographer, Digital Artist and Instructor) brought his World Famous Calvinize Workshop to the UK.

As you’d expect, the workshop was a huge success and hanging out with Calvin & his assistant Gabor was a total blast; a laugh a minute…

However, regular readers of this blog will remember that there was an issue with the Holiday Inn Hotel where Calvin and Gabor were staying during their time in the UK, in that Calvin was charged for a 3rd room…a room he didn’t book! So, both Calvin and myself wrote blog posts about the issue and in addition to that recorded a video that explains everything that went on so if you’ve never seen it you can check it out below:

Social Media: 1, Poor Customer Service: 0
Anyway, when we wrote these blog posts we promised to update you with the final outcome (if any) so I’m really pleased to tell you now that Calvin did get his money back! Long story short, thanks to you guys the blog posts and video were shared, re-Tweeted and posted on Facebook and Google+ so much that the story landed on the desk of the Head Honcho, The Big Boss, The Big Cheese of the Holiday Inn in the US and was…dealt with!

So what can Holiday Inn, in fact all of us take from this?
Social Media is incredibly powerful. We live in a World of instant feedback and whereas before it used to be that a person would tell, on average, 9 other people if they received poor service, today that person does literally tell The World, and what’s more tells them instantly! Ofcourse it also works the other way too…give someone great service and they’ll also tell the World.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Keith Hammond

    as you say social media is such a powerful tool, and used in the right way for business promotion, self promotion and situations like this……………power to the people i say, Calvin must be very pleased.

    • Glyn

      Absolutely mate…very pleased but really all of it was completely unnecessary; if only the Holiday Inn had given the kind of Customer Service they should have at the time. Still, great fun making the video anyway 🙂


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