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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 30, 2013

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Hey Folks,

Posting a little later in the day today as we’ve been busy with the marketing session at our High5 Workshop.

We’re off out this evening for more socialising time which I have a feeling may result in the dancing shoes making another appearance 🙂

So, before we head out I thought I’d share one of the pictures I worked on during the workshop where I went through the concept, props, lighting and then finally the retouching.

HUGE thanks to Quasher for not just modelling but being a great sport for this Tourist picture:

Again this was proof that giving someone a character to play can really help to make an image come together. Of course having props and clothing like the ones Quasher has in this picture makes it a lot easier for the model to get into character but what about for ‘normal’ photo shoots? I mean, you can’t really go giving every person you photograph props or special clothing to wear BUT you can still give them a character or rather a role to play.

What do I mean?
Well the best way to describe this I guess would be an example, and one that springs to mind would be from a photo shoot I had towards the end of last year.

I’d been hired to photograph a group of Bodybuilders, Cage Fighters and such like for an anti steroid campaign in Manchester. Now you’d maybe expect guys with such a physical presence would have no problem whatsoever in front of the camera and yeah most of them were fine…all except for one. This particular guy, a real formidable presence, was clearly uneasy being photographed.

Solution? Give him a character or a role to play. I got speaking to him about maybe playing the role of a doorman which went on the lines of….

“Imagine you’re a doorman, working at a night club” (Turned out he used to do exactly that) so then I went on to say “Ok so I’m the drunk guy that has turned up and wants to get in. I don’t want you to say anything, I just want you to stand there with your arms folded and give me the look that says ********!!!!!!”

Sure enough giving him this role and this situation he got so into it and yeah totally nailed the look; the kind of look that said “You’re NOT coming in!!!” In other words he completely forgot he was being photographed as himself but was rather being photographed as a Doorman.

Anyway this is something I do ALL the time and something I’d always recommend giving a try; it’s amazing how giving a character or role to play can totally change the photo shoot.

Right, must dash as we’ll be heading out soon so I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

Oh one more thing…you can check out a larger, higher quality version of ‘The Tourist‘ over on my 500px portfolio page here [Link]


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