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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 4, 2010

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The end of another week is upon us with the promise of great weather over the weekend so I’m off to check the gas levels for the BBQ 🙂

In the mean time here’s another iTunes Podcast #FF (Follow Friday) for you to digest (Click on the pictures to be taken directly to the iTunes Feed):

Understanding Photoshop with Richard Harrington:
A great Podcast that I watch on a regular basis by Photoshop Guru Richard Harrington. With regular episodes being added full of tips, tricks and techniques Understanding Photoshop is a superb resource to help you get the most out of Photoshop.

Ask Dave:
Dave Cross aka ‘A Foreign Man from a Foreign Land’ is well known as one of the Photoshop Guys along with Matt Kloskowski and Scott Kelby. Long regarded as the ‘Go to Guy’ Dave is a font of all knowledge with all things Photoshop. In this Podcast Dave answers 1 question each time that he’s been asked through channels such as Twitter, N.A.P.P. forums and his own blog. A superb no nonsense podcast that will help to increase your knowledge in bite size chunks.

Chase Jarvis:
Added to on a fairly regular basis this is the Podcast of Seattle based Professional Photographer Chase Jarvis. With a long list of videos showing such things as Behind the Scenes footage and insights into large scale Commercial Work,there’s a healthy library of material to keep you glued to the screen for quite some time.

With the launch of my new Workshop drawing closer (end of August/beginning of September) I’m in the Studio again tomorrow with model Danny Bartlett so I’ll be sure to post a few samples of the photos we take. Also I’ll be recording a new video this weekend showing the editing that went into the recent photograph of my good friend and neighbour, Steve so be sure to check in for that.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you soon.
Enjoy 🙂

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