It’s time for Photoshop World, Atlanta

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 7, 2014

Category: General

Hey Folks,

How’s it going?

Ok so I’ve just landed in Atlanta, USA for Photoshop World having been in Florida for the last few days.

This week I’ll be posting as a kind of diary to let you know a few of the things going on over here especially any news and updates that come from the conference.

The past few days I’ve been over here with Dave and we’ve caught up and hung out with great friend Aaron Blaise and his partner Jonelle at their home in West Palm Beach. It’s been a truly amazing few days hanging out and experiencing things that have quite literally blown my mind.

Those of you who have joined me on social media will know the kind of things I’m talking about here but I’ll be posting a few pictures later too.

In the mean time here’s a shot of Aaron, Dave and myself from our last morning in Florida before we all headed over to Atlanta.

Enjoy the rest of the day and I’ll catch you back here soon.


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