After what has literally been months (starting working on it back in September 2019) I’m now at the point where all the content has been recorded and edited for my new full length Photography and Retouching Tutorial … ‘Timeless’.

Ever since I started working on my 39-45 Portraits Project where I have been travelling up and down the UK photographing World War 2 Veterans, I’ve had so many requests to show how they’re done and so for the past few months I’ve been doing just that. Happy to say that after 7 months of recording I’m now finally wrapping it all together and releasing it in the next few days.

The tutorial is quite literally a brain dump of everything I know and do focusing on how I take classic / timeless portraits using minimal kit and often in very limited space. I’ve recorded everything from the kit I use (a simple 4 AA battery speedlight / flash), camera settings, flash settings, positioning of the camera, the lighting, the background, posing, 3/4 length portraits and how I do my shallow depth of field close-up portraits.

There’s also all the retouching steps in Lightroom / Camera RAW and Photoshop, printing and presentation showing how to mount your prints. In all there’s some 40 instructional videos, and I’m also including a PDF Quick Reference Guide, asset files, layered Photoshop files and some additional bonus material.


However (and this is where you come in) I need your help…

Because of what’s going on in the world at the moment I have time I didn’t have before to possibly add some extra content and make sure I have literally covered everything, so can I ask a favour?

Can you take just a minute or so to just fill in the form below and let me know the top two questions / content that I MUST make sure is covered / included in the tutorial?

Oh and this isn’t signing you up for anything it’s just a way I can get your questions / ideas and also thank you afterwards.

Thanks and Keep Well,

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