Tip #3: Try working with a P.A.

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 16, 2010

Category: General

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  1. Alexander

    Ok)May be, i do not understand English sense of humor.
    Glyn i think you should go in more difficult way with your blog.
    Try to write how you develop yourself as a photographer.
    It’s more about photography and art that jokes as for me and most readers.
    If you want you blog to become popular take the right direction.

  2. Neal


    @ Alexander, thats the problem mate, you do not understand English humour 🙂

  3. Alexander

    May Be) Even Scott Kelby is much better humorist.
    It’s ok, tastes differ.

  4. Rick Wenner

    Poor little guy. Has to wear that hat during shoots too I assume? And to think I thought my assistant (wife) was short.

    @Alexander :: Nothing wrong with a little humor. Doesn’t have to be all business. A blog is a way of marketing your photography and YOURSELF, showing your personality to potential clients.

  5. Tim Skipper

    I’m not even British I think that’s funny.

    Just be careful he doesn’t try to carry a big lens like a 70-200, it might squash him.

  6. David Kelly

    Hi Glyn,

    Hope you’re keeping well – sorry I haven’t been around your site for ages.
    Very funny indeed  – presumably there was a moment of smug satisfaction in your retribution plan coming together when you posted this one.
    Whilst mini-me came to mind at first, all I can think of now is Big Tog, Little Tog (a la CBBeebies ‘Big cook, little cook’). So does Little Tog have to use a micro 4/3 system because full frame DSLR is too big? 

  7. Tim Wallace

    Last time I looked we favour a society that has freedom of speech and whilst that gives people the right on both sides that also means that you should respect Glyns output, if your ‘taste’ is not matched by his work then maybe you shouldn’t embed his content into your page? I’ve known Glyn for some time now and I am unaware of anybody else that is so dedicated to the advancement not only for his own work but helping others around him selflessly and I feel that your comments Alexander are nothing but criticism without purpose. Not sure if you are aware of this but photography is more than lens choice and data, its creativity and fresh thinking, all of which I see from Glyn each week on this blog.
    Freedom of speech is good but also please respect those that strive to support and inspire others.

  8. Matt Palmer

    Thats where McNally has been going wrong. Had he not have “tried” to be humorous on his blog he might have been a great, highly respected and sought after photographer by now.

    • Glyn

      @Matt…lol 🙂


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