Tip: Gaffer Tape those Ears

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 17, 2014

Category: General

Hey Everyone

Hope you had a great weekend.

Today I thought I’d kick the week off with a quick tip from yesterday’s Kick Boxer portrait shoot.

Ok so one of the shots we were working involved a bright light behind the subject to give a white background; however this set up can invariably lead to the light shining through the ears.

Solution? A piece of gaffer tape behind the ears…


It could be very tempting to rely on Photoshop to correct this however as Zack Arias famously said “If you find yourself thinking I’ll fix that later in Photoshop, put down your kit and slap your self hard across the face because you’re being lazy” … kind of sums it up huh 🙂

One minute adding in some tape can save you a whole lot of time in Photoshop doing something that’s certainly no quick fix that’s for sure…


A – No Gaffer Tape
B – With Gaffer Tape

Have a great week and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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  1. Mik

    Great effective tip. Just remember to get them to remove the tape before they leave.

    • Glyn

      Mik…Oh I made sure to tell him about that…I value my life too much not too 🙂



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