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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 26, 2010

Category: Videos

Hi All,
Bit of an impromptu ‘short’ post today but I thought I’d share just a few things with you:

Don’t be Invisible:
Ok so what I’m talking about here is having a ‘Gravatar’ or to put it another way…the ‘photo/graphic that shows up alongside your name when you post a comment on a blog’.

I’ve been asked a couple of times lately how to get your photo or logo to appear and my answer each time is to go check out a great ‘walk through’ tutorial that RC Concepcion from the N.A.P.P. put together and posted on Scott Kelby‘s blog some time back; the process is extremely quick and easy to do in just a few simple steps as you’ll see.  With Social Networking playing a big part in business these days I think it’s great to be able to to put a ‘face to a name’ and having something other than the default graphic appear alongside any comments you post is a great way for people to recognise you…if you want them to of course 🙂

Naturally you don’t have to use your photograph; you may choose to use your company logo or a graphic you like but anyway, I thought I’d share the tutorial with you just incase this was something you’d wanted to do, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.

Here’s the link to RC’s tutorial over on Scott Kelby’s blog [Link]

I Have PSD:
Now this great little video has been doing the rounds on the internet lately but for those of you who haven’t seen it yet let me explain…

Imagine if Photoshop wasn’t just an awesome piece of software on your computer but was actually something that was part of your everyday life from the moment you woke up. Now for some of us it feels like that’s already the case but imagine what life would be like if fixing all those small problems we encounter in every day life was as easy as editing a photograph.

Well imagine no more as this clever little video put together by Hypercat shows…

Ok so this begs the question…”If you could use Photoshop in real life what tool would you use the most?”. For me it would have to be the the Clone Stamp Tool…that way I could get twice as much done in the day or actually wake up naturally as opposed to jumping out of my skin when the ear piercing alarm on my iPhone goes off, as the other ‘me’ would already be up and working away.

But what about you? Just curious …

Backing Up:
These past few days I’ve been working on putting together a new ‘Backing Up’ Workflow to keep those all important image files and documents as safe as can be.

For some time now I’ve not been 100% happy with the way I’ve been backing up and having suffered a Hard Drive failure earlier this year (thankfully Apple Time Machine saved the day) a new Backing Up Workflow has been a priority.

Well after some great help and advice including some great stuff from many of you on Twitter and Facebook I’ve finally come up with a workflow I’m happy with which makes use of several Hard Drives in some form or another and an online/offsite system too.

I’ll write a post later in the week giving you the ‘low down’ on what it involves but in the mean time,
That’s all for today,

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Tim Skipper


    That’s the way photoshop works in my world, doesn’t work that way in yours?

    As to backing up. I use Zenfolio to back up my finished JPEGS or TIFFs. This is an addition to the back-ups I have personally. But Zenfolio gives me an off site backup to my files, plus several other features for very little money each year. You know FYI.

    • Glyn

      Hi Tim,

      Although I use Zenfolio for a ‘store front’ I don’t use it to archive/backup all my digital files. Instead my ‘cloud’ is Carbonite which seems to work really well and for only around $50/year with unlimited storage space; another option I guess.


  2. Keith Hammond

    Lets see if the Gravatar works 🙂

    not seen the psd vid, clever stuff.

    backing up our files, arn’t we paranoid about losing our stuff, never had this problem with film negs, just chucked them in a draw got them out a few years later and made some prints no problem, but all this electronic stuff can’t trust it 🙂
    i used to copy all my stuff to dvd then paniced when read on a forum how dvd discs break down after a while and we are going to lose all our valuble files so now it’s over to several external hd’s in different locations which may seem a bit extreme but we have a duty of care to our clients who may come back in a few years wanting pictures or may have damaged their album and want a new copy.
    out of interest Glyn how long to do you plan on keeping your shoot files, i mean from a fashion point of view the clothes worn by model clients will be out of date in a year so making the pics look out of date but private clients pics will never go out of date.
    when it’s time for a clear out we will offer couples a disc of all pics at a reduced rate, so that can be another source of revenue.
    i’llo be interested to see what system you are going to take up

    • Glyn

      @Keith…Totally agree with you about the paranoia mate. I read that too about the degrading DVD’s and possible loss of info over time; nothing to prove it as yet I think but just the mere mention of it made me jittery 🙂

      Re how long I intend to keep the files for, well to be honest I’ve not thought about that as I just intend to keep them indefinitely. Obviously over time this could mean yet more storage space but I’m sure I’ll be transferring them onto other media which takes up less space in the future….more house keeping chores 🙂


  3. Keith Hammond

    so the Gravatar didn’t work, could be me using different email address

    • Glyn

      @Keith…That’ll be it mate. Neal had the same problem but reverted back to the original email and it worked perfect 🙂

  4. Neal

    Just testing my gravatar 🙂

    • Glyn

      @Neal..I can see you mate 🙂

  5. David Kelly

    Thanks for the gravatar advice Glyn – just need to get a photo of myself that I’m actually happy to use. Don’t know any good photographers that can take a good portrait by any chance 😉

    @Keith – DVDs aren’t great for long term storage as you say. Although I’ve got a few snap shots put on DVD, for me they just don’t store enough to make them viable. 4.5Gb for single-sided DVD doesn’t go far with RAW files these days! However the Gold DVDs are the best for anyone committing to DVD-R/+R – just make sure you store them properly. Blu-ray now offers more storage at ~25Gb but the question I have with all these formats is will there be a drive to read these discs in years to come?

    • Glyn

      @David..Great to hear from you mate; re your Gravatar, I’ll ask around…lol 🙂

      Tend to agree with you about the DVD and Blu-Ray issue for the future and there being a reader for them. It’s going to be interesting seeing what other storage devices/media appear as time goes by.



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