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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 7, 2010

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Well the weekend is nearly upon us so here’s this weeks recommended Twitter Follow Friday (#FF) plus a couple of items of news to tell you about:

  • @nrgphotographer … Sean Gannon: Real nice guy and a very talented photographer specialing in Weddings. Sean has an incredible talent for capturing the emotion and atmosphere at every wedding he photographs. Defintiely someone to keep an eye on and I’d recommend you check out his blog too which he regularly updates; it’ll leave you feeling as though you were actually there at one of the many weddings he photographs throughout the year.
  • @p4pictures … Brian Worley: I first met Brian at the Windsor, UK leg of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk I ran in Windsor and have kept in touch ever since. Great photographer and an authority on all things Canon.
  • @digphotobyfrank … Another of life’s genuinely nice people that I’ve ‘met’ through Twitter. Frank has a great outlook on life, forever positive and encouraging and has a great eye for photography. A regular ‘tweeter’ and definitely someone to be added to your Follow list.
  • @freelance97 … Neil Holmes: As the username suggests Neil is a Freelance Photographer who is based in Kingston Upon Hull. As well as being someone to ‘follow’ I’d also recommend you check out Neil’s blog which he updates regularly with some great images taken on his daily ‘travels’.
  • @artistxposure … Allen Ross Thomas: I had the pleasure of meeting Allen when I was out in Atlanta, USA at Zack Arias’ OneLight Workshop. Allen’s speciality is ‘Concert Photography’ and my god is he good or what! Absolutely superb photographs that totally draw you in and almost make you ‘live the moment’ Defintely add Allen to your ‘follow’ list and whilst you’re there check out his website, blog and Flickr account…all packed full of great photography.
  • @richard_hales … In his own words…Father, Husband, Photographer, Part Time Domestic God, but not necessarily in that order. Real nice guy & regular ‘tweeter’.
  • @tipsquirrel … Greyson TipSquirrel: To quote…”I love photoshop so much I set up a blog, tips and links website. I then got people far more talented and far less lazy to write for it” Need I say more? … 🙂
  • @keithhammond … Keith is a UK based photographer specialising in Weddings. New to the ‘social media’ world I’m looking forward to finally meeting up with Keith who is a regular contributor to this blog at this weekends ‘tester’ workshop.

A little bit of news:

Air New Zealand
Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook will know that this past week I’ve been working with Air New Zealand on a new Marketing Initiative. Part of this project involves me taking photographs of each of the Airlines Flight Service Manager’s (FSM) in a number of pre determined poses. Now although I can’t go into detail about the project I do want to show you a little ‘behind the scenes’ so you can see how we go from Point A to Point B (see below) which shows the rather limited space we have to work in for these particular photos.

Originally we were looking at producing 3/4 length shots hence the collapsible backdrop however this changed to full length so a little creative use of a white sheet was called for to produce a ‘sort of’ studio. I’ll be writing a post to show you the lighting involved and the small amount editing needed to get the final images in a couple of days time.

Photo Pro Magazine
A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Photo Pro Magazine asking if I would write a short article about how I made the following photograph:

I’m not sure just yet when the article will be published but when it is I’ll reproduce it here too so you can see the process that was involved including the lighting and final editing in Photoshop.

Right, that’s all for now so have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you soon with some results from this weekends workshop.
Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Frank DelValle

    Awesome work as usual Glyn. Thanks for the mention too 🙂

    Looking so forward to reading your article. Good times!

    • Glyn

      @Frank…Frank you’re more than welcome and thanks for the kind words; I really do appreciate it.

  2. David Kelly

    Hi Glyn. Hope the week went well re: Air New Zealand – sounds like you could of been throw a few challenges, but I’m sure you’re the type of guy who excels at such ‘opportunities’.

    Hope the weather keeps ups for the workshop test day and look forward to seeing the results / feedback.

    Best wishes,


    • Glyn

      @David Kelly…All is going well with Air New Zealand, in fact we’re actually ahead of schedule thanks to the team there being so well organised. I’ll be adding a quick tutorial in the next few days to show how ‘Refine Edge’ in CS5 has played it’s part in this job; talk about perfect timing 🙂

      The weather was a little chilly during the workshop but then who am I to complain? I wasn’t the one wearing a dress 🙂

  3. DaveT

    Looking forward to seeing the posts about the Air NZ shoot – looks like a tight space to get those images. Just shows what can be done with some creative thinking.

    Hope you all have a good day at the tester workshop.


    • Glyn

      @DaveT…Thanks Dave. I’ll get the Air NZ post up on the blog this week and show what editing has been needed in CS5 to get the end result.
      Workshop went really well so I look forward to catching up with you in the near future.

      All the best,
      Glyn 🙂


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