The Ultimate Goal is Emotion (Kick Boxer)

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 8, 2014

Category: General

Hi Folks

How’s it going?

I must say that at the moment time really does seem to be flying by…more so than normal.

Still, as I’m sat here writing all I can see out of the window is sunshine and a blue sky so all is good 🙂

Ok so for today I thought I’d share a new picture from a recent Kick Boxer photo shoot that I’m calling FINISH IT!!!


On Monday next week I’ll be posting a run through of the photo shoot showing a look at some of the lighting set ups that I used for this shoot but for now here’s a look at how I originally worked the picture and how it ended up.

During the shoot as you can see from the smaller inset picture, I lit and photographed the scene with the intention of having a full length picture which is why we included such things as the bucket and bottle of water. However it wasn’t until looking through and sorting images in Lightroom after the photo shoot that this one to me screamed out that it needed to have a tighter crop.

In the picture the expression and connection between the boxer Steve and Coach / Trainer Mike I feel is such a powerful one that although working in a full length shot, cropping in tight for me makes it feel so much…does that make sense?


I guess if there’s any kind of message I’m trying to get across in this post it’s to be flexible to change and also not to just look at the entire scene but instead look for a connection, a feeling, an emotion. This is beginning to sound a little heavy I know but joking aside when all is said and done when it comes to our pictures ultimately we want them to project a story and to make the viewer feel something. This may well mean as in this case that you end up cropping entirely different to what you had planned but if it works…go for it!

Ok so like I said, on Monday I’ll have a Behind the Scenes post for you showing the lighting set up plus any tips and tricks from the shoot.

In the mean time you can check out a larger / better screen quality version of the picture above over my 500px portfolio page by CLICKING HERE

Hope you ‘Like’ it.

Thanks for stopping by,
Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you back here in a few days.


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  1. AndyK

    Really like this image – I can’t wait to read how you achieved the look. Its awesome!

    • Glyn

      Thanks Andy

  2. Michael Glover

    This is an amazing shot Glyn! You definitely captured the emotion of the scene. The vertical shot doesn’t really seem to tell the story as strongly as this one does. Your work is truly inspirational! Have a great weekend my friend!

    • Glyn

      Michael…Thanks so much for that and it’s great you feel the same as I do about the composition; cheers mate!

  3. Robert Belgrad

    Looks great, Glyn. For what it is worth, I prefer the cropped in version for exactly the reason you stated. The top of the coach’s head being cut off is probably not the way I would have gone… but then again, if everyone did things the same way, it would be a very boring world!

    Did you settle on a quote?

    • Glyn

      Cheers Robert. Oh and re the quote…I’ll sit with Steve and see what he wants to go for. So many great ones though I don’t think it’ll be easy 🙂

  4. Jonathan Thompson

    Emotion and connection are what image making is all about. Wether it’s between people, animals, food and the viewer or, as Pixar has demonstrated so well, a desk light and the camera.

    Every image we create has to make the viewer feel. Telling the story all by itself, without us explaining it. I think it’s one of the most challenging skills. You can have mastery of light, framing and or post processing skills, but if there’s no emotion, it falls short.

    Great image and story telling Glyn, nicely done mate.



    • Glyn

      Jonathan…Totally agree mate!!!


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