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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 5, 2013

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Hey Everyone,

Just dropping in before Day 2 of Photoshop World kicks off…

Yesterday was Day 1 starting off with the Keynote which also included presentations from the folks over at Adobe when BIG news  was announced.

If you’ve missed the news then I won’t steal their thunder, just be sure to head on over to Adobe’s Creative Layer blog here [Link]

On Pre Conference day I was interviewed by the folks over at PhotoFocus: Melissa Niu and Pamela Ann Berry for PhotoFocus.

We talked through loads and one of the things I was asked about was “Is there a photo/picture of mine that means the most for any particular reason?”

Out of all the pictures I’ve done this one of Dave still means the most. Lots of reasons why but most significant was seeing what this shoot did by taking someone that didn’t like having his photo taken and turning it around so that he has come to enjoy it and gain so much more confidence from it.

It also marks a point in my photograph life when things began to change for me as it showed how giving someone a character, either externally by them wearing certain clothing or internally by giving them a role to play, can make a HUGE difference!

Also on day 1 I had a meeting with Google. I can’t say too much about that at the moment however if you use the Nik Collection of Filters in your workflow you are going to be very, very happy…trust me 🙂

AHUGE thanks to everyone who also came along to my Successful Shoots Guaranteed Class; I had a blast!!!

Right gotta dash…practicing my Photoshop Fast and Furious Class that I’m teaching on the Expo Floor at 1.15pm today.

Have a great day folks and if you’re here at Photoshop World be sure to say hi.


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