FREE Webinar on YouTube: Using Flash Outdoors

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 22, 2020

Category: Events | Videos

All set and ready for tomorrow’s webinar (8pm UK time) … “Using Flash Outdoors”

If you’re a member of my email community / group I’ll be sending you the private link tomorrow (Friday) but if you’re not you can register to watch it here:

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  1. Jane Rail

    Dear Glyn:
    I am a member of the Oshawa Camera Club in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. I was unable to make the live Zoom event you presented to the club but was so grateful for the recording. I just watched it yesterday and was blown away by your session and your 39-45 project. Well done! Kudos to you for 1. identifying a passion/project such as this and 2. turning it into something so positive and giving to our WWII Veterans. I absolute love your approach of talking with the subject not only to put them at ease but also recognizing how much we can learn from them BEFORE focusing on the pictures. I couldn’t agree more…and while I love to do this in life (something I learned from my Dad)…I really appreciated learning how important it is in the context of portrait photography. Also I appreciated your model photography project. My son, who is a welder/millwright by trade, is amazing at building miniature metal models…and I was inspired to try and make this into a photography project that I could somehow do for him! Thank you again for your openness, creativity and passion. Kind regards, Jane. P.S. would be happy to become a member of your e-mail group if that’s applicable.

    • Glyn Dewis

      Jane, thank you so much for taking the time to write and for the incredibly kind words; so good to hear that you enjoyed the recording of the presentation. Again…thank you.
      Regarding the email group, if you just register for the webinar that’ll do it…or you can join from the home page.

      Very best wishes


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