WW2 Veteran Victor Urch: Shallow DOF Portrait

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 15, 2019

Category: Photography

Following on from the previous post going through my set up when photographing the Shallow Depth of Field (DOF) portraits, I thought I’d show you a recent one…

Last time I didn’t have a Behind the Scenes (BTS) picture showing the set up in a real life situation.

The picture below grabbed with my phone shows the set up I used in Victor’s living room…

You’ll remember last time that for this set up I use a ‘Flag’ between the light source and the subject, positioned in such a way that it restricts light hitting the camera right of Victor’s head but allows light to fall directly onto his face. This then matches the shadow side (camera left) of Victor’s head but only when a white reflector is positioned to bounce some light into the shadow area. The position of the reflector is important, as is which side of the reflector is used; too close to Victor and too much light is reflected and so cancels out (removes) the shadow. Using the white side instead of the silver means not so much light is reflected as the silver is way more efficient. The silver side would also create a metallic-y look to the light reflected; again this wouldn’t match the other side of the face.

As mentioned before, using a tripod I find a vital part of this set up as even the slightest changes to the position of the flag make such a big difference. The camera on the tripod gives something for the subject to concentrate on and be looking in the correct direction so that I can position the flag much easier.

Of course before this close up portrait, I took the 3.4 length portrait of Victor…

For the kit I use check out the MY GEAR link above that includes a link to the Black Flag.

As always, if you have any questions / comments please feel do make use of the comments section below and I’ll be sure to reply.


>Check out the offical 3945 Portraits Project website by CLICKING HERE

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  1. Fletcher

    Hi Glyn

    I am interested in the back ground of this image, is it a rollable exhibition display or something else?

    Trying to find a really portable back drop that is no like a fold up reflector, just to much hassle inside tight spaces. I have been thinking about a rollable exhibition display and as you can have your own art work printed, lots of creative opportunities, just not sure how the material would work with strobe light.

    Many Thanks



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