VIDEO: Quick and Easy Backgrounds with Textures (PHOTOSHOP #92)

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 30, 2016

Category: Videos

Hi Folks

Today I’ve a new video for you which is now episode 92 of my weekly-ish show.

In this video I show you how to use textures to create bespoke backgrounds like you’ll have seen in some of my recent portraits PLUS how to create composite images SUPER FAST!

For some it will be a reminder but for those of you who didn’t know this until now you’re going to love the creative possibilities this simple technique will give you.

Enjoy…oh and if you share with others I’ll love you forever…kind of 🙂


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  1. Glenn

    I have downloaded the texture for CC package and can’t seem to be able to get it installed into Photoshop CC 2015, Help!

    • Glyn Dewis

      Glenn are you looking in the Extensions menu?

      • Glenn

        Yes I am and I have installed other things there

        • Ben Mullay

          I was having problems too but all now resolved after going through steps at Make sure you’re on the very latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and (as per step 3 in above link) make sure sync-files feature is turned on and not paused. Thanks for the great video Glyn.

          • Glenn

            Thanks Ben, I tried all those to fix with no luck. I give up

          • Ben Mullay

            I don’t know if this makes any difference, but have you closed and reopened Photoshop since making the changes? Also, check the ‘Workspace’ as to view I have to be in ‘Essentials (Default)’.

          • Glenn

            I tried that still no luck

  2. Anthony Crothers

    Awesome, having watched this for the first time I hereby declare it excellent, love it! Loads of great hints and tips, especially filling the selection with black, didn’t know that one.
    You could have called this the power of grey, wait…….. you’ve done that already!
    Oh and I’ve recently bought a textured grey/black background at TPS, doh! It was 50% off though.
    Great work that man, keep ’em coming.

  3. Alan Clark

    Great video as usual Glyn and shared with my friends also


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