Video: Reactions to Adobe Creative Cloud & CS6

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 24, 2012

Category: Videos

Hey Folks,

How you doing?

Ok I’m gonna make this a quick one…not just because I’ve lots to do but because there’s something big, yellow and hot in the sky outside and I think they call it the Sun and I’m making the most of it 🙂

So, I just wanted to mention about the new Adobe CS6 Creative Suite and  in particular the new Photoshop CS6.

Obviously as someone who uses Photoshop for a living then I’m using the latest version which I love for a whole host of reasons: the new user interface and the speed to mention just a couple. But just in case you’re undecided about upgrading it might well be worth checking out the Reactions video over on the Adobe website which has interviews with a number of people from all professions such as Photographers, Designers & Film Makers giving their thoughts from having hands on experience with CS6 and why the upgrade is such a big hit.

Hey, you might even recognise a couple of people in there too…which reminds me…must put an order in for some anti shine 🙂

Click this [Link] to watch the Reactions to Adobe Creative Cloud & CS6 Video

So I’m curious…have you upgraded? If not, then will you be? What about the new Creative Cloud?

Maybe you have questions about the upgrade and are wondering if it’s really for you? If so, as always please feel free to make use of the comments section below to post any questions or comments and I’ll be sure to respond asap.

Right I have an appointment with the Sun so I’ll catch you later,

Enjoy 🙂

Now…where did I put  those Speedos?

•     •     •

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  1. Russ

    Felt my arm being twisted – so signed up for Cloud on the cheaper upgrade route. Then downloaded PS and it installed on the wrong disk so uninstalled/re-installed – ok this time! Had to cometely download PS again, as there’s no install files left on the pc – good thing/bad thing?


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