Video Review: Vanguard ALTA PRO 284CT Tripod + BBH 200 Ball Head

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 5, 2013

Category: Review

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend.

I was up in Halifax for the past couple of days putting some planning and preparation time into my Dynamic Duo Workshop and also some managing to get in some personal portfolio shoots with an Aston Martin V12Vantage and a Ford Capri 280. I’ll post my results over the coming few days once I’ve worked on them but for now I’ve a short video for you…

Vanguard ALTA PRO 284CT Tripod + BBH 200 Ball Head

A few weeks back now, Vanguard sent me out a tripod to review, which I did and you can find on my YouTube Channel. Anyway, long story short I didn’t really take to the tripod as it wasn’t really suitable for me and the way I work for a whole host of reasons. (Check it out here)

So, shortly after posting the review the fine folks at Vanguard got in touch and said they were determined to find me a tripod and head from their range and that would be perfect for what I wanted. I gave them a run down of what I would ideally like it to be and the tripod and head in this video review is the result.

Needless to say,Vanguard NAILED IT!

Bottom line, I’m extremely pleased with this tripod. It does everything I would want it to, does it with minimum fuss, looks great, solid construction and is light.

Way to go Vanguard!

Right that’s all from me for today so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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  1. John Skinner

    You have just over come one of the toughest things (I’ve found) in shooting this many years. Find a tripod you don’t want to chuck every time you see it in the corner. After possibly 8 in 15 years, it’s always a LOVE/HATE relationship.. I WANT lite and easy, but get mad when those are too flexible and fiddly. So I go bigger, and cuss myself out every time I have to take it more than 15 feet away.

    Well, I’m happy, your happy. I’ve jotted down the model here and will give it the old sniff test next outing to the local shop.

    Cheers Glyn ! You made talking tripods fun… for a few seconds anyway.

  2. DaveT

    Looks like a possible contender for use in my travels – light and compact.

    Sometimes tripods are fine when compacted as in the video, but when the legs are extended it can lead to to much flexing in the legs – and ultimately movement in the shot when using a longer exposure such as in a twilight shot in early evening.

    So what’s this one like when fully extended Glyn? Does it still hold the D8oo steady?



    • Glyn

      Dave sure thing. I mentioned in the video about it being rock solid; I meant that whether it’s low down or extended. Cheers

  3. DaveT

    Thanks Glyn – sounds like a ‘good un’


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