VIDEO: Unboxing Loxley Colour Alumini and Canvas Prints

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 11, 2014

Category: General

Hey Folks,

Just thought I’d drop in today to share a new video that I’ve recorded.

I’m often asked which company I use to get my pictures printed, so seeing as I took delivery of some more prints yesterday I figured now would be a good time to cover that.

The company I use for all my printing is Loxley Colour who you may remember I visited a towards the end of last year [Link]. Now I’ve used quite a few printing companies in the past but with Loxley Colour it’s not just the quality of their printing and products (which is fantastic) but it’s their Customer Service and Support that TOTALLY impresses.

The prints that arrived yesterday were an Alumini and a Canvas and in the video you get to see not just how they’re packed but also a look at the quality…

Oh and one thing I really must mention is that I’m on no commission at all for promoting Loxley Colour in this way; I just believe in shouting out about those companies and folks that are at the top of their game so you too can take a look.

Right…get printing and I’ll catch you you back here tomorrow.


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  1. Simon Ward

    Hi Glyn

    Fantastic video and I echo everything you have said about Loxley and about product and presentation too!

    Fantastic company, product, people and service!

    Simon Ward

    • Glyn

      Couldn’t agree more Simon; they’re definitely setting the standard.
      Cheers for dropping in and commenting,

  2. David Kelly

    I think the smile on your face when opening both products says it all really – there’s nothing quite like seeing your artwork in the flesh so to speak.


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